The Do’s and Don’ts of Going Braless

When it’s hot and sticky out, no one wants to wear more than the bare minimum when it comes to clothing and it seems as though the free-flowing braless trend is on the rise this summer. Want to ditch the tight, pinching, underwire contraption that’s ruled your life ever since puberty and let the girls breathe for a day? Just be sure to stick to these tips and you should be just fine.

Would you ever go braless? What kind of looks do you rock sans-bra?

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    2. alice says:

      #10 – too true. Can't go braless for the life of me😦

      1. jinaa says:

        bt 4hrs

    3. lakesidegator says:

      #10 is kinda a let-down…

    4. kelly says:

      i'm a DD and I go braless all the time! luckily i'm blessed with perky breasts so you can't even tell i'm not wearing a bra

    5. Rae says:

      These stupid-ass photo galleries never load for me. Can't you go back to just typing out the lists so I can actually read them? Please?

    6. Erika says:

      Ditto on going back to the lists! These things never load for me either and so I miss out on a lot of articles😦

    7. Kevin says:

      A lot of girls here in Tucson go around here not wearing a bra, their doing it to show off, especially where I go to college here.

    8. shane says:

      you may think no one notices but Im sure people do… unless you have implants

    9. shane says:

      that comment was for kelly

    10. Ben Dover says:

      What a spoil-sport….don't listen to Nancy Drew here, girls….avoid all advise but the moisturiser..and RUN whenever possible…

      1. sarah says:


    11. Winnie S says:

      Honey, I could care if someone doesn't like it that I am braless! I have DDs but I am older and bigger than average. I don't advertise it but men DO look. I just smile and look away. I am not trying to attract perverts or younger men. Comfort is the KEY.

      1. jocey says:

        thank U im almost a D and a sophmore and most of the girls in my year are probly late bloomers i can't help it even if i don't wear a bra which is rarely at school boys still look and i do the same thing except i blush a little :))))

    12. Kim says:

      You should've started with #10. Just sayin. 40DDs are brutal. At least with a proper bra, you can tell i have a small waist.

      1. hjmani says:

        34 is best..widout or wid bra

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    14. Titi says:

      I see no reason why a girl or a lady should go braless,it affects the way people assess the lady,walking around with your boobs juggling is not the thing.

      1. pam says:

        So what? Bras are uncomfortable. It shouldn't be mandatory for anyone to wear them. As long as your covering up, I say go for it.

    15. Mkloz says:

      Let me get this straight: "Want to ditch the tight, pinching, underwire contraption that’s ruled your life ever since puberty" is the lede for the piece. One translation of that is: Do you ever feel like being comfortable for a day and/or wearing clothes (i.e. maxi-dresses) that look better sans bra?

      And the rest of the article is a list of "rules" that [sic.] teach women to be ashamed of their bodies. For example:

      Rules 1 & 2: nipples are the devil's playthings. You have them, but you should feel bad for having them. And heaven forbid you let anyone else know you have them. Harlot!

      Rule 5: Dropped your newspaper? Go ahead and litter. Screw the environment? Screw everybody. Well not everybody, because you shouldn't bend over. Why? Because "some girl your age mumbling "oh my god, wear a bra" under her breath) will notice." That's right. Other girls will know you're not wearing a bra. And that's bad. Unless those girls read this post; then they should feel free to go braless too. But other girls will… Wait, what's the lesson here?

      Rule 7: Ignore your own breasts. You pervert! Stop looking at your breasts. They're for other people to look at. Unless you're not wearing a bra, in which case they're gonna look at your breasts because you're probably a hussy. "The more attention you bring to your 'situation.'" Your situation? As if, by divine intervention you just "found yourself" without a bra in the middle of your workday. And let's not even go down the negative connotation highway… "your situation" is the same kind of [sic.] polite aphorism historically used to describe unwed pregnant women. Proper society can see that your immodest boobs are all primed to breastfeed that bastard child you're growing in your tummy.

      Rule 9: Cover up already. Sure, the idea of going braless is cool, but within an hour or two that rush of freedom will wear off and you'll want to hide your shame from the world. Be prepared to have your look "fail miserably" and other "fashion emergencies." While you're at it, carry a snowmobile suit and a hydraulic jack with you at all times; you never know when a blizzard might strike or an 18 wheeler will turn over in your path.

      What a great, progressive idea for a blog: be comfortable–in your clothes and in your skin. And what a sad, archaic, repressive, punitive approach to the topic in what follows: "advice" that more or less reinforces sexual stereotypes, the objectification of women's bodies, and outmoded social norms that are anything but normal.

      1. leafsfan68 says:

        That was a fantastic rebuttal!

      2. Vix says:

        THANK YOU

      3. Jocey says:

        gosh your an ass if your a guy u have no fuckin idea what it feels like to have a bra unless ur a crossdresser( no offense i have gay friends) or a woman. All you have to wear is fuckin tighty whities or boxers. Us women have to have bra's from perverts like you who actually notice all these little things about a women who wants to be free. your bitter and an ass in your explanation and everyone else would agree

      4. KATE says:

        lol "gay" and "cross-dresser" aren't interchangeable!

      5. Great Eye says:

        Jocey…I don't agree with you. What an ass you are to try to speak for "everyone"!!! You don't speak for me. Apparently the guys u deal with are lame. Men's underwear come in all styles and fabrics, just so you know. Look up men's underwear online to become educated and informed. You are so repulsive

      6. smwr1982 says:

        i hear what you are saying, but i agree with everything he wrote. it's about liberation and self-acceptance.

        society [run by men] want us feeling ashamed of ourselves, but also erotic. it's a mind fuck.

        screw them. i go braless in church, i wear cardigans if it's cold or i want to add allure to bralessness, and i don't worry about bending down.

        in touch,

      7. Kelsie says:

        This made my day! "Screw them, I go braless in church" I actually laughed out loud. High five, sister❤ And I love your point about society wanting us to feel ashamed and also erotic. I couldn't have said it better myself.

      8. smwr1982 says:

        i love you, sista!

      9. anonymous01 says:

        Who gives a shit if a female decides to go braless thats HER choice, since when has it become the publics decision to decide what she should and shouldnt wear. Everyone is entitled to wear whatever they want, those who critisize others for their apparel proberly need to stop worrying about that person and start focusing on themselves. I am one of those who prefer to go braless occasionally and I couldnt give two F#cks what other women/arseholes like you think. If you have a problem with women wearing no bras then you really need to get a life.

      10. @mklozkgc says:


        You may want to stop at three gin and tonics before responding to posts, or at least read a little more carefully. Each one of your four sentences precisely reiterates my initial point. In short, we agree. Completely. Though it's a bit hard to grasp that beneath the roar of your diatribe.

        Keep fighting the good fight.


      11. Madi says:

        Calm. Down. Jeez

      12. Jamie says:

        I love this reply! It was the exact come-back I was looking for when reading the "advice". Besides.. having a back-up plan kinda takes away from all the rebelliousness of it all. It's weak-sauce. Half-assed.

      13. Tigerlilycoconut says:

        I agree 100% Mkloz. The cover ups, the "dont look down cause that will draw attention" is rediculous! yep. Ive got boobies. you noticed? thanks. Women should not be ashamed! This really is a flaw in American society.

    16. abdussamad says:

      yeh going braless is d best thing i like in women. ‘cos i like breast and really like to see them juggling.

      1. preeti says:

        I want to get fucked…love your idea

      2. Guest says:

        wait what?

    17. Drew says:

      What's the matter with going braless unless you are at work? I rarely wear a bra and I get looks from men and women. I love the attention and it seems others like it just as much. My favorite is a touch of A/C hitting them and watch my nipples grow. This drives men crazy!

    18. Shirkin says:

      I agree with Mkloz. I love how all these commercials and ads out there are trying to get girls to feel more comfortable with their bodies, yet they're still enforcing those "gender" or "society" rules upong them. SO WHAT if you have fraking nipples that stuck out. It's not like anyone in the world has nipples; but the gods… it's unthinkable.

      WE ALL have flesh, nipples, curves, bumps, goosebumps from the cold, ECT. Why must we be so freaked out about being noticed? We -all- know what's beneath the clothing. Jeez. This is ridiculous, and whomever wrote this article is as such for trying to enforce that stupidity from society onto people.

      Why are we conditioned to be so ashamed of ourselves?

    19. lin says:

      i think going braless is okay ……just not wearing something see thru-ish and being braless

    20. Preeti says:

      it does not work in India esp with the kind of ethnic wear . I would love explore 'going bra less' at least during winters. By god's grace I have attractive-cushion boobs. Also, I wud love to get attention for my assets.

    21. Jim McBride says:

      ah ha – some of those on the list and number 1 especially are when you want to go braless and not have it noticed.

      I had a girl friend pissed at me for a couple of weeks when she got all brave and spent the day braless.

      problem was I didn't even notice because she not only didn't wear a tight top it also had a pattern with a lot of dark colour. at the end of the day she finally grabbed my hand and shoved it up and under on her bubbies.

      I was kind of surprised but more embarrassed for not noticing so I could say something after all that effort she went through. I just don't have a breast fetish and large size never was a big deal

    22. Anita e. Martine says:

      some men can appreciate a women's chest in ways that are welcomed and flattering and some men are boors. braless brings out more boors than wearing a bra

      1. tina says:

        enjoy it..ur bf wld love ur tits standing,,

    23. Mary says:

      Thanks for share good topic..Have good job

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    25. TUBE TOPS says:





    26. person says:

      Aint nothing wrong with being bigger than a C and going braless. I wear a D and when summer comes and i'm not wearing a bra, i ALWAYS look fabulous. You just have to know how to dress yourself well!

    27. NoBrasForMe says:

      Been braless for years now, including through two preggos and extended breastfeeding both. Dark clothes/clothes with pockets in front/camisoles can help if you need to feel more contained/concealed.

      One drawback of bras the article doesn't mention is that they likely contribute to breast cancer due to constricting the flow of lymph, thus allowing toxins to build up in breast tissue. (This aside from the chemical-filled fabrics they are so often made with.) See the book "Dressed to Kill", or just remember how sore you are every time you take off that bra – that's the backed up lymph talking. Ditch the bra, ditch the breast pain too.

    28. Benjamin says:

      Interesting, while stationed in Germany I would love to go to the public pools as one could see the BIG difference between New World and Old World. Pools in Germany are topless and NO ONE CARES. So as far as going braless goes? only the bra salesmen are worried, LOL. Seriously ONE DAY we Americans may realize like the Europeans "OK those are breasts, women do have them, your point?"

    29. Honey, I do not care if someone does not like that I am braless! I have DD, but I'm older and larger than average. I'm not advertising, but the people watching. I smile and look away. Not to pervert groped or to attract young people. Comfort is key.

    30. emedoutlet says:

      Everything fine…. However, the girl not wearing a bra looks stunning and feels exciting…

    31. Tamar says:

      I've been going braless for about a month and a half now. And maybe it's the placebo effect, but I feel like my breasts are firmer and sitting higher. I have a relatively small cup size (34A) so it's pretty easy for me to be free swingin' without discomfort (I even play soccer braless). I love it, and honestly can't imagine dealing with ill fitting and uncomfortable bras again.

      There is a certain sensuality that comes with not strapping yourself down, and I feel more confident. The boyfriend has certainly noticed. *winkwink*

    32. Frog-in-a-well says:

      This is an issue only for women who are acutely self-conscious & not for those who are confident about their sexuality.

      It is striking how going braless is such a big issue in America whereas no one cares about it in Europe.

      Moreover at a deeper level it reveals a lot about American women's insecurity vis-a-vis our European sisters.

    33. J says:

      that girl in picture 8 looks so freaking hot. Anyhow I came on this to see how women feel about their bodies. It’s actually pretty deep. I never notice if a girl is wearing a bra or not. Now I will snch snch

    34. Great article and suggestions! Even though "braless" is not a great option for everyone, there are a few solutions that give support without feeling like you are actually wearing a bra.
      1. Fashion Forms Body Adhesive Bra
      2. Fashion Forms Body Sculpting Bra (adhesive bra with underwire)
      3. Fashion Forms Peel-n-stick Pads (adhesive padding for tight shirts or "shelf" clothing)
      4. Fashion Forms Breast Shapers

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      1. MDDO says:

        It would be great if any of those actually worked. Unfortunately, most of them fall off before you can even get a top over them.

    35. Just forwarded this to my fiance.

    36. Jason Timlan says:

      Who said I wouldn't learn something new today:)

    37. JJ-someone says:

      As a dude, I wouldn't want my girlfriend to fall unintelligently into most of this outdated brainwashing of needing to wear one thing or not. I do not agree with #'s 1,2,3,or 7 at all, (especially #2), as they are ignorant without logical reason.
      Although, I do Agree with a few points, somewhat.

      See continued…

    38. JJ-someone says:

      #4, Whether you’re an athlete or a desk jockey, everyone needs to work on their posture. Its good for digestion, muscle/skeletal strength and health, and overall blood flow.

      #5, um…ok.. See OSHA safety guidelines.
      Bending over for both men and women stretches the back muscles and stuff in odd ways that can cause strain or injury.—So bend at the knees, keep back straight, and pick up your trash, otherwise $1000.00 fine for littering.
      (and regarding fear from 'mumbling', reply back "Omg, go get an education, its the 21st century")

      see continued…

    39. JJ-someone says:

      #6, 8, 10 no comment
      #9, um?… loose the cardigan, wearing one will just lead to odd looks from dudes. (sweaters, long sleeve shirts, or scarfs are ok).
      #9, Keeping a jacket or sweatshirt in your vehicle trunk is ok to do for everyone, not just for emergencies (fashion an emergency, HA, lmfao), but also for if the weather changes and it goes from 90F to 60F in a few minutes of a stormfront as it does in california sometimes, or lets say spur of the moment you want to visit friends up the hill a ways where the temps are cooler, there you go. Also, should an 'actual' emergency arise, you have a jacket if need be.

      Peace Yo! From: JJ

      See continued…

    40. JJ-someone says:

      (Regarding #2, you know, DUDES HAVE NIPPLES TOO, OMG!!
      and yes sometimes we also can get embarassing small pokes through our shirts in a cold room.
      Basic mammal physiology 101 and thermal-dynamics, wow scary , deal with it. )

      I don't understand why any person would want a chemical adhesive/glue on or near any sensitive areas like their nipples, mainly because of residual chemical leaching and adverse sensitivity to the area from later removal of the adhesive.

      see continued….

    41. JJ-someone says:

      Also on #2
      That, and its funny that most 'pasties', body tape and similar stuff, use the same sweat resistant glue that's used in nicotine patches for smokers.
      ——My girlfriend and I were comparing our patches one day because they basicly looked the same, so we did some research on her nipple ones and my arm nicotine ones, and it was funny how really similar most patches are. Oddly after that she no longer uses pasties, though I still use my nicotine ones on my arm.
      We did find that band-aids use a different yet safer glue, not as sweat resistant, but easier to remove. (and sadly also to say nicotine free).—–

      Anyways, my two cents really is just wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and happy. Bra or no bra, be yourself.

      Peace, Yo! to all, From:JJ

    42. Crystal says:

      Eh this article is over the top with these silly rules.

      Rasorback tank tops and bandeau bra are fun combo

      1. sat says:

        no need it

    43. Mandi Looms says:

      Is there going to be an update to this?

    44. Ford Auto says:

      Why not pasties?

    45. Travis says:

      I don't understand why any person would want a chemical adhesive/glue on or near any sensitive areas.

    46. It's whatever makes you comfy.

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    48. ivermectin says:

      some men can appreciate a women's chest in ways that are welcomed and flattering and some men are boors. braless brings out more boors than wearing a bra nice article.

    49. Sod Austin says:

      Fun topic! Keep it coming!

    50. TUBE TOPS ROCK says:




    51. mehranbiz says:

      Braless women look more perfect natural and innocent in our natural innocent curves

    52. judi says:

      Going braless hurts so bad, especially if you run around!

    53. nehru jacket says:

      A person appearance, dressing and clothing does matter a lot.

    54. Is there going to be an update to this article?

    55. Kevin Max says:

      Glad you covered this topic.

    56. BrideTide says:

      Some of these comments are crazy.

    57. 34F says:


    58. vanessa says:

      I personally love the feeling of being braless. My boobs even droop but that is an added appeal for me. I feel sexy with myself and it’s a bonus when my clotes show the droopiness of my breasts! I am proud of my body!!!

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