College Candy Takes Back the Word Spinster

We’re at our wit’s end with this country and their improper use of the word spinster. Once, a very long time ago (or maybe not a very long time ago, I’m no history buff), the word spinster actually meant something. And that something was NOT an unmarried woman living with cats. It was a woman who spun — and as a country we owe these original spinsters a big apology for stealing their professional title and turning it into something dirty.

So in honor of them, we present the original spinsters!

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  1. jenna feldberg says:

    thank you for finally acknowledging this flaw in society!

  2. criolle johnny says:

    A "creeper" is a mechanics tool that he uses to repair your vehicles. Who turned THAT into something dirty?

  3. NeoDra says:

    the knowledge is really informative for us

  4. alice says:

    Haha this is hilarious :)

  5. emma says:

    spinning was actually the responsibility of the single sister. ergo "spinster". (it's one of the 10 things i retained from a textile science class last semester, haha)

  6. Jenny says:

    I used to be able to read these lists occasionally, but now can't at all.

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