This Trick Tells You Who You Stalk the Most on Facebook

Everybody, quick! While perusing the exciting news of the day and munching on a delish bagel, I came across this story from Buzzfeed. They claim that if you log on to Facebook, then click a link they provide, you’ll be able to see who’s pages you’ve been snoopin’ on the most.

Ever curious, and always self-absorbed, of course I followed the instructions. Gosh golly, lo and behold it actually works!

Try it for yourself before the brainiacs at Facebook decide we’ve had enough fun and fix whatever techy loophole we’ve found. If it doesn’t work the first time, try clicking the link again. That’s what I had to do. And when you get it up, can someone explain to me what the negative numbers mean and the decimals? I’m a little confused.

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    1. Elle says:

      If you read the article, you would notice it said who YOU are stalking, not who's stalking you.

    2. Albertt says:

      I'm sorry, but this doesn't find who is stalking you but rather who you are stalking.😛

      1. kee says:

        Yes as you could have deciphered from the title of the article, "This Trick Tells You Who YOU Stalk the Most on Facebook".

    3. marisa says:

      Does it post to my wall or leave any evidence that I used it? I'd rather not have people know who I facebook stalk:)

    4. emily says:

      the post originally was titled saying the link would tell you who stalks you the most. It was redacted by an editor or the poster once they realized it was another sham. if you read the article, it's clear that the original content (largely unchanged) was based on something that revealed who stalked you.

      although, if you went into the link thinking it told you who stalked you the most, it might be kinda nice to see that crush who you check the profile of 20+ times a day at the top of the list.:)

    5. LP says:

      Apparently I creep myself a lot. Believable.
      This seems very accurate though haha.

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