What’s the Verdict on Jason Sudeikis?

I was watching 7 Minutes in Heaven with Jason Sudeikis this morning and had a revelation: I think I like him.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I didn’t like him before, I just never really thought about him. But you know what? He’s kinda cute. And goofy. And I might not spending seven minutes in a closet with him. Just sayin’.

So, dear readers, have I been existing in my own bubble of ignorance on this one, or is everyone finally waking up to realize the dude’s kinda charming and funny in an awkward dad sort of way? Has my sudden desire to make out with anyone in sight caused this knee-jerk infatuation, or is he actually an acceptable male specimen? Help me out, guys!!

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    1. Toni says:

      There are few man in the cast of SNL I wouldn't tap…

      Kind of awkward though if he is January Jone's baby daddy…MTV movie awards anyone??

    2. I like him too, he's not gorgeous or anything but I love funny guys! I've been seeing him a lot more lately in movies so I'm a fan now. Keep it up Sudeikis:)

    3. Becca says:

      don't worry girl, i love him too. i realized this while i was watching Horrible Bosses this past summer.

    4. Ali says:

      He's adorable. I'd bang.

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