Tampons? Pads? Cups?

How many times have you been on the “feminine hygiene” aisle in your grocery store thinking “Pads or Tampons? UGH I really wish there was another option. Like a cup for my vagina!”

Well, you’re in luck because menstrual cups are the newest craze for that time of the month. You just insert the cup into your vagina and you’re covered for 12 hours (you can even have sex). One writer from Lovelyish actually tried them (and actually liked them). See what she has to say here.

What do you think? Would you try a cup?

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    1. Sara says:

      I've been using a cup called "Instead" for about a year and I love it!!! I had no clue you could have sex while using one (the one in the article looks identical to the brand I use)… I'm not sure if I would?

    2. Marisa says:

      There's a reason why women aren't encouraged by gynos to wear them.

      1. kim says:

        what is the reason?

      2. Angie says:

        Yes, and that reason is that they are not educated on the use, pros, and environmental benefits of them!!

    3. jenifer says:

      So much better than tampons! Pretty much every time I use a tampon, I get an ITU – we have just blindly accepted that tampons are the standard issue, but they are NOT hygenic. But the cups? I have been using them for about 5 years and NEVER had a problem.

    4. Maya says:

      I tried them, but was just too freaked that I'd make some sudden akward movement and the cup would shift and deposit the 12-hours worth of blood down in ONE GO.

      1. Katrina says:

        I was afraid that it would fall out or something like that as well before I actually tried it – I use the DivaCup and you turn it completely around once it's in and it forms a seal. I've been using it for 7 months now and haven't had any problems – cups move with your body.

    5. Kayla says:

      Love them so much! So much cheaper, better for the environment, and better for your body. They help you get to know your body as well and understand that your period isn't gross. Using them in community bathrooms while living in a dorm can be a bit awkward, but you learn to be super sneaky and creative.

    6. Sabrina says:

      No, I think I will stick to pads. I am just too afraid that it will slip out and leave me with an awful mess.

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    9. Alyssa says:

      I went on a whim after reading this and ordered the trial pack from softcup… OMG. They came in the mail today, I started today, I tried it today. Holy crap amazing.

    10. Julie says:

      Neither. I posted elsewhere that I don't have my periods anymore. Seasonique takes care of them except for 2-3x/year, unless you skip the sugar pills, in which case I have had 0 in the past 4 or so years. I'm surprised more women aren't beating down the door for this — it's absolutely a miracle. (Hell of a lot more than "women problems" or even kids would ever be.) /snark

      I'm planning on staying on indefinitely, or until menopause, whichever comes first. And I can happily say that I actually threw out all of my "feminine hygiene" products because it looks like I won't ever need them again.:)

    11. meddyjackson says:

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    12. missy says:

      Menstrual cups are really good.They cover for long and save expenses.I use the cup with adira period panties,since i feel confident and comfortable.In case my flow gets heavy, i don't have to worry about getting stained with my period panties covering for me.

    13. Angie says:

      I have been using a menstruation cup for over 6 years now and will never go back. For those dismissing them – do your research. They are made from thick, medical grade silicone, which makes them much more sanitary than anything else you use (provided you wash yourself properly and practice good hygiene. If you can't do that then you have other issues that need to be addressed.) The cup just isn't going to "fall out" as some claim to be scared of. They come in different sizes and your muscles hold it in place, not to mention the seal that is created between your body and the silicone. The pros for using a cup FAR outweigh the cons. I offer two suggestions prior to purchase. #1 DO YOUR RESEARCH! There are several companies offering these cups – choose the one you think is best and check their reviews. #2 Order TWO. They are a bit expensive, but you will end up in a bind if you lose or drop one and you have to wait a week for a new one to come in!

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