He Said/ She Said – Best Places to have Sex

This week brings up the ever-popular topic of conversation: our favorite places to have sex!

And while most minds would go straight to the bedroom (hey, there’s a reason for that!), I have to include a few of those not-so-normal places to do the deed. So, without further-ado, I give to you my list of the best places to have sex.


  • On a balcony: I wouldn’t recommend the second floor of your apartment building for this one. (Thank you, graphic couple in my building for the visuals as I got into my car that one damned morning). But if you’re feeling daring, it’s a definite do from higher up or in the middle of the night. And if you don’t have a balcony, it’s fun to pull up those blinds and get to work up against the glass!
  • In a photography darkroom: Adrenaline rushing, a small and dimly lit room, and the potential of someone walking in to grab their photos? It’s a mix of creepy, scandalous and incredibly sexy.
  • At a music festival: Whether you’re in a tent, on the lawn (be careful with this one) or in the back of an old-school VW Wagon, this one is fun and steamy. Just think, as Mumford & Sons reaches the height of their set, you’re reaching yours. Relive the ’60s, once and for all.

Classic and safe:

  • On the floor (not quite J-Lo style):  On the carpet, on a rug, on a blanket…you get it, on the floor! Push your coffee table and sofa to the wall and get to rollin’ around and gettin’ down and dirty.
  • In the car: Who didn’t love it when Kate Winslet’s hand smacked that steamy window in Titanic? (I mean, if I were in the car with young Leo, I know I’d be smackin’ more than just the window…). It’s a fun place to get busy because you’ve got to work with the small space you’re given. Feeling daring? Give it a go on the hood of the car! I recommend grabbing a blanket for that one.
  • The universal favorite: the BED! – Roll-around space, cushiony comfort and the perfect place to fall asleep cuddling in afterwards. No wonder it’s the go-to!

Do you have a steamy place you’ve hooked up that I didn’t mention? Share with me below! Or if agree or disagree, go ahead and tell me what you think. Then go check out where he thinks the best places to have sex are…

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    2. ms.blonde says:

      in the woods on a blanket on the ground!

    3. Crystal says:

      shower, and soaping each other up is a great multitasker: a massage and you get cleaned up

    4. Cat says:

      i love sex in the car…'s also really fun doing it outdoors, in a secluded part in the woods

    5. wizard says:

      somewhere public like a changing room if ur feeling really daring

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    7. Ananda Shamion says:

      I had sex in the weight room one time on a work out bench and it was pretty awesome! I got more than one work out😉

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    9. sohbet says:

      good article. nice platform.

    10. Meggs says:

      hot tub at the am fam pool around midnight when there isnt hardly anyone there. 1. he got very aroused. 2 the possibility of getting caught just made it all the more fun.

    11. Daring says:

      In the inlaws hotub under its cover.

    12. ab03 says:

      In a lake
      In the snow
      In the back of parents car
      In a public bathroom
      One room away from parents
      In a tent
      In the forest
      Tied up
      Mile High (not there yet)
      With a stranger
      On a boat
      On the beach
      quickie in a skirt
      Every room of a house
      With a foreigner
      And the nearly impossible (For the champs) every letter of the alphabet! (first letter of last name)

    13. izle says:

      good article

    14. Ariel Jordan says:

      I read this article that said people actually have sex in a taxi. I don't believe it at all. I would love to join the mile high club =) I recently read this article called Best Places to Have Sex, it's a must read.

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