Saturday Flashback: ’90s Fashion Mistakes

Looking back at childhood photos can be a pretty painful experience. While we’d like to blame our parents for dressing us like idiots, the truth is we used to beg them to buy us the most heinous apparel. In retrospect, our multicolored braces weren’t cool, leggings didn’t fit our bodies as good back then as they do now, and our pink fuzzy pigtail holders didn’t make us look like Baby Spice, they made us look like baby prostitutes. But thanks to Angelica for teaching us that the right tantrum can get our parents to buy us anything, we were able to spend an entire decade as a walking fashion mistake. We’re going to recap our favorite fashion faux pas of the nineties.



    1. anonomous says:

      i hope you mean you'll hide a shiv in your BUN not BUM!

    2. Lauren says:

      First off, what's a shiv? And second, I donated all my scrunchies. Just give them away. The kids are so young they don't care, they won't remember it, and the parents' lives are so hectic it's all good. Just make sure they don't take too many pictures, no need to have a record to embarrass them! I used scrunchies as a kid as a way not to kill my hair. Hair ties snap all my hair off so I think they're a good idea to keep your hair up around the house where no one can see you.

    3. kali says:

      if you straighten your at night and keep it in a ponytail in a scrunchie it's supposed to keep it straight.

    4. Jamie Waters says:

      i guess i'm a little bitter with the rolling backpack one. i had an umbilical hernia repair when i was in middle school and it made it where i could only lift 15 lbs for almost 2 years. i got picked on constantly for having it, but it was the only way i could carry my books to and from school [the school was too cheap to give me a second set for home use]. kids would run across the hall and kick it which would either a. trip me or b. give me one of those annoying flat spots on the wheels. and the flat spots caused more ridicule. you seriously could not win with one of those things….

    5. Rob says:

      The photo of Justin and Britney is amazing!!

    6. Mel says:

      Lol eat with hair chopsticks? Really? That made you sound pretty stupid. But I agree with everything else. :3

    7. dinq says:

      hair chopsticks AND scrunchies live! This girl doesn't know much style, really, a few of these things are a no brainer, the scrunchie didn't fit away from the beach! Today the scrunchie is still rampant, where you ask? Where girls get a REAL bathing suit made, they pick the material, the cut and presto, tons of companies now make custom suits. What looks worse than a scrunchie? a stupid colored band that looks cheap. Check our skizwear.com some time, they'll make you a custom suit and a scrunchie to match and it looks awesome (if you have the bod for a good suit). Seriously, I don't see why some say it's dead, the scrunchie is so far from dead but it looks horrid as a random pattern that isn't anywhere else on the person, that was just 80/90s style blindness =) Jean jackets were the same, still worn but needs to work without ANY OTHER JEAN ITEM or you look like a tool, and don't even get me on skorts which are extremely popular and still around, especially with young kids who want to wear a skirt and parents are too paranoid for a young kid to have a skirt… and rolling backpacks have their purpose, stated by the comment above, what's annoying is a hyper kid pulling a backpack, put that weight on them, wear them out parents!

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