17 Reasons Why Pippa Middleton is Better Than You

Today marks Pippa Middleton’s 28th birthday. She’s a fan favorite when it comes to great fashion, jaw-dropping relatives and an enviable social calendar. Our friends at Tres Sugar outlined the 10 signs they’re crazy about Pippa (And did a great job — bringing back nude tights? That’s no small feat!), but we thought we might one-up them. Or rather, seven-up them.

After taking a long look in the mirror (and crying over our flat butts), we present to you the 17 Reasons Why Pippa Is Better Than You…and us.



    1. kelly says:

      This is so stupid

      1. sarah says:


    2. Shaz says:

      LOL this is funny!!! i thought it was a cute little post, thank you:)

    3. wendynotlucky says:

      This is exactly the kind of articles that I dislike on College Candy. Please make articles with true inspiring people. And furthermore Pippa Middleton is not better than me..maybe you should read the "forget about others embrace yourself" article..
      I know it was mean't to be funny but it wasn't.

      1. Krista says:

        Yeah seriously. No one is better than anyone else, and listing a bunch of reasons why someone else might be better (but isn't!), is a terrible idea ..

      2. Sara says:

        You do realize that this isn't supposed to be taken seriously?

      3. rox says:

        why do people keep expecting serious topics on College Candy. This is not supposed to be mind-blowingly hilarious or deep and thoughtful. Its a little sarcastic and amusing. Get over it.

    4. Sam says:


    5. […] 17 Reasons Why Pippa Middleton is Better Than You College Candy […]

    6. Tess says:

      This is the beginning of the complete degradation of the world's intelligence.

      1. Yeah, definitely. My brain has started crying and has not stopped since I first heard of "Pippa."

    7. Ashley says:

      Wow, kinda bitchy. I thought part of this websites aim was to encourage better self-image among college women. How is this article furthering that goal?

    8. […] 17 Reasons Why Pippa Middleton is Better Than You – College Candy. […]

    9. MY2CATS says:

      There's nothing special @ all about Pippa. She can't shine her sister's shoes! Kate Middleton is 100 %Beauty & Class.Pippa looks like a hag. I honestly thought that she wasKate's OLDER sister. Pippa can pass for 40 years old. If she were not related to Kate, you would totally by-pass her on the street. She's just a Plain-Jane that's living off of the fame of her sister.

    10. superbabe says:

      At her age i looked much younger, i had two young children and my rear end got loads of saucy comments. i was a beauty back then and everyone thought i was the older sister of my young children. She is fine the way she is, but we all are in our own way. The talk of her rear end being on camera at the wedding was OTT. Her sister stole the show all the way and Pippa had her show too. I am well educated, hard working and most of us are just as good or better! LOL. Tongue in cheek as i type.

      1. superbitch says:

        get over yourself.

    11. wendynotlucky says:

      I can't believe this article is still online ! Take it off for the sake of college candy's credibility.

    12. Someone. says:

      This is stupid. Pathetically stupid…that is all I have to say.

    13. Daniela says:

      I can't believe someone's being paid for doing this kkind of crap….

    14. MIss 1986 says:

      This type of thing does my head in! The type of dribble that tries to make a celebrity (and I use the word loosely) out of an average individual who has done absolutely nothing to deserve our attention. PS I'm even punching myself for typing this!!

    15. Hisa Asahina says:

      All these reasons just show that she's worse than us😛 Not better. xP EPIC FAIL. xD HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

    16. Victoria says:

      haha it's supposed to be a joke. no one has a sense of humor these days!

    17. Elle says:

      This is ridiculous. Yes, it's meant to be funny, but women are bombarded by this type of article enough everywhere else on the web. It sucks that one of the few places online we could go to be free from this inane gushing is now playing into society's obsession with pitting women against each other, instead of building sisterhood and a community of love. Instead of telling us how Pippa's butt is better than ours, why not tell us about how she earned a scholarship to Marlborough College for athletics? Or about her time at the University of Edinburgh studying English Literature? Tell us why she's a good role model, unlike the author of this trivial article.

    18. randomdude says:

      A great example of pure stupidity😀 congrats >_>

    19. barryglitter says:

      This is so true.
      Everyone is whingeing,but we're all so inferior…what chance have we got ?.. with her arse ,and banging Harry.

    20. Jenna says:

      Never Understood the hype about Pippa she is a plain jane…A trashy looking plain jane

      1. pam says:

        Nothing special about Pippa. But calling someone trashy is just dumb

    21. Megan says:

      Why is everyone freaking out? It's obviously satirical, I laughed.

    22. kelly says:

      that's just really stupid…. come on guys,everybody here that's not british(sorry) will agree that pippa is kinda plain…if not rather ugly! also..even if she's sleeping with harry..which i don't think is true..so what?c'me on being a royal doesn't make him any more cute,attractive,passionate,kind or in other words better..same goes for pippa..let's say that indeed she has a fun,great personality…..so do many many other girls out there and dare i say are even better,more fun,more attractive,more intelligent and many other things and have a BETTER ASS than hers!!!

    23. Megan says:

      This was a terrible article. None of those reasons were even amusing! She just comes off as a spoiled rich girl with a lot of embarrassing photos.

    24. Sarah says:

      lol guys this was a satire

    25. Guest says:

      This is the most wasted thing ever. Seriously. Pippa Middleton is not better than no one other than the the person who wrote this thing. What rubbish.

    26. juju says:

      this disappointed me so much….this 'article' is pointless, lame and utterly stupid.

    27. john s says:

      who is this person who imitates Barbie? i´ve never heard of her.

    28. Guest says:

      It's as if everyone lost a sense of humor….
      This was for laughs, now laugh

      1. Anjli Mehta - University of Texas at Austin says:

        I thought this was funny too!!!

    29. lindasharkey says:


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    31. guest123 says:

      she is NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ,PERTTY !!!!!!!!!!!! jajajajaja this is a joke right

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    33. Lydia Clark says:

      exvuse me i think vis iz very ensulting because i leeve in a 14 million dollar a month home weeth me father nd mum and i could afford twice as much as her i may not be royalty but im rich pluus im from africa and the prince doz not act as snobby and by thee way she is not tht preety sorry!

    34. Im-Right says:

      Look you fuck nut foreginers pipa middleton is much prettier than you! And your all saying OMG she is sooooo plain! Have you looked in the mirror?! She's the sister of a princess your probably the sister of a crack head…

    35. Handyman says:

      I don't care if she's better than me or anyone for that matter. I just love that she looks hot in pantyhose.

    36. pbandj says:

      I get that it's supposed to be a joke. That doesn't make it a good joke. If it's stupid, I'm not going to laugh at it just because it's meant to be funny.

    37. helenabutters says:

      You haters realise you didn't have to click through the whole thing, yes? I liked it.

    38. Olive says:

      compared to kate, she isn't that pretty…

    39. Jules says:

      Pippa Middleton is probably a very nice girl but she is not particularly pretty. And while her butt definitely looks 28, her face unfortunately looks about 45.

    40. Owl City | says:

      […] Pippa Middleton is better than […]

    41. Brittany - University of Saint Thomas says:

      This article is great. People need to sense a little sarcasm in the form of nice Pippa booty!


    42. If you think Pippa looks like Barbie(TM & R), you should have seen her sister's late Mother-in-law at that age. Woof!

    43. Kylie - Vermont says:

      I love her butt. It's perfectly plump and defies the laws of gravity. I'd rather be her fan than support American "celebs" like the Kardashian klan.

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