Summer Trends We Hope Stay in Summer

Several trends stole the spotlight and cluttered our closets this summer. Some were great and others were…cringe-worthy and I’ll-regret-looking-at-that-photo-by-2012. That’s why it’s time to clean house and get ready for fall.

As you’re prepping your closet for the new crisp weather, here are five summer looks to say “no” to this fall.



    1. Casey says:

      I actually agree with every bit of this. Especially the hair feathers and maxi dresses.

    2. eriel says:

      I don't agree with any of these. Maxi dresses can be very flattering, depending on the cut and color. Wedges have definitely not seen their end. Why should a change of season mean we should stop wearing any prints that we like? All over denim can look good if you know how to mix different shades of denim. However, I agree that hair feathers look a bit juvenile and should stay behind in high school.

    3. weird says:

      i dont understand why everyone has feather extensions?! they dont even look good

    4. Alli says:

      Maxi dresses and wedges? I couldn't disagree more!!! Maxi dresses can be very sexy depending on the cut, and I've seen some super cute wedge boots/booties for fall that I can't wait to wear:-) They're comfy and I can wear them to class without looking like I'm trying to hard.

    5. invisibleblush says:

      Maxi dresses are nice, but I'd like to seem the replaced with midi and knee-length skirts for fall. Wedges are fit for any time of the year as long as the wedges themselves are season appropriate ones. It's time to swap our espadrilles for wooden wedges or wedges that incorporate shoes/booties/boots. Didn't College Fashion recently do a post about denim? Denim on denim can be okay if done correctly. Denim and Chambray works. Definitely do not like the feather extensions. I feel sorry for the birds that don't naturally shed their feathers. Plus "it's so high school."

    6. Elizabeth says:

      100% agreed on the feather extensions but wedges & maxi dresses?! Not all maxi dresses are "tent-like" — in fact, every single one that I own is pretty form fitting or at least accentuates the waist. And wedges? Come on now, those should NEVER go out of style, they're the perfect dressed up but comfortable shoe. This was a fail, College Candy.

    7. brittany says:

      I can't even read any of these articles because the "galleries" don't load.

    8. alonna says:

      I have hated the feathers since the moment I saw them. But I LOVE Maxi dresses and wedges! The dresses I have are not tent like and look great on me. Wedges are convient for sparing your feet a bit of pain when you want the kick it up a notch. I havent noticed the denim thing, but the tribal patterns I don’t love or hate.

    9. Jessica says:

      Really? Maxi's? I wear them in the fall with a jean jacket and they are adorable!


      wedges are actually great for fall and spring, but GOOD LORD. I HATE FEATHER EXTENSIONS WITH A BURNING PASSION.

    11. Haley says:

      I think maxi dresses are perfect for fall! They are long, so they keep you warm. They don't look like a tent if you belt it or wear a jacket.

    12. A. L. says:

      I think the main one that should have made this list is the ridiculous super-short shorts. Teenagers shouldn't be wearing them because they are too young and anyone that's "of age" just looks like a moron. I saw one woman wearing a pair that was so short that she must have had to go commando. It was a really hot day, too and the thought of how disgustingly sweaty it must have been "down there" made me sick. Plus, people that shouldn't be wearing them because they have too much cellulite or fat on their legs should've just gotten in touch with reality and go with the old spandex rule "it's not a right, it's a privilege
      ". (even tho spandex is bad regardless). I couldn't wait for that trend to end! Ugh disgusting!

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