Campus Landmines Waiting to Blow Up Your Relationship

When you’re dating someone new, it’s obviously good advice to be wary of their exes. But since college is a fishbowl, exes aren’t the only type of people you need to be worried about. There’s tons of people who can make your life as miserable as possible or just ruin it all together.

Here are the potential time bombs just ready to mess up your relationship.



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    2. Casey says:

      Ok, these stupid galleries SUCK!!! Haven't you guys gotten enough complaints about them to just ditch the idea all together? The galleries are preventing me from being able to leave the article via the back button.

      1. brittany says:

        Yeah, they are preventing me from even seeing the article in the first place. They just sit there and say "initiating the gallery" all day. So annoying.

      2. Nora says:

        THIS. I can refresh 1,000 times and nothing ever changes. I would really rather get a straight up list on ONE page. It's not doing anything to make me wait for fancy flashplayer stuff that will never work!

    3. Lena says:

      "In most cases you have nothing to worry about (like if she's hideous)"? Wow. Thats not exactly empowering. Usually i expect to see attitudes here that are supportive of other women, not bitchy and demeaning.

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    5. Cee says:

      Someone should copy + paste the list so that those of us who can't view the horrid thing can at least see the content. Because, y'know, that's what I come here for. Content.

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