The Best Home Remedies for Cramps

Cramps suck. There’s no other way to put it. It just sucks. You can’t move, you can’t do anything productive, and you can’t focus on anything except the crushing pain coming from your abdomen…and maybe your relentless craving for pretzels and frosting. Thankfully, though, there are some cheap and easy at-home remedies you can use to make those 4-7 days less excruciating.

Got any other natural remedies for cramps? Share the love in the comments below.

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    1. Ashley- University of Wisconsin Madison says:

      Try using your laptop charger while it's plugged in if your surfin the web. Convenient and works wonders in the same way a hot water bottle does.

      1. Celia says:

        I thought I was the only one who did that…I'll lie down with my laptop right over the crampy spot, and it feels awesome.

      2. Anya says:

        I could be totally wrong, but I thought laptop chargers were something you didn't want near you cramps or no cramps. I was always told they give off a lot of bad stuff like radiation etc.

    2. caate says:

      trying to stay away from caffeine and drinking green tea with ginger in it doesn't seem like it would really work out too well…. but thank you for this, I've been having issues annd this was perfect.

    3. Polly says:

      Green tea does wonders for me. Just drinking two cups a day during my time almost gets rid of my cramps. I highly suggest it.

    4. Hannah says:

      Masterbating!!!!! Nevermind not feeling in the mood, a quick orgasm gets rid of cramps AND puts me in a better mood!

    5. Lily says:

      Bananas also do wonders because of the postassium in them.

    6. Aishia says:

      I thought that tea had caffeine in it though….I'll have to try that laptop idea. Bananas seem to work for me, but I'll definitely work on the tea and ginger ideas. The workout though….maybe yoga, but I'm always to depressed to get on a treadmill when I have cramps.

    7. Jenna says:

      Natural calm, the magnesium supplement, does wonders,

    8. beth says:

      Nothing, save narcotic pain relievers even touch my cramps.

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      my doctor told me that eating cold foods during cramps will make it alot worse, such as icecream or ice water. hot foods like tea, soup, etc. will make it better. TRUST ME I KNOW THIS.

    11. Nekino says:

      Tea has more caffeine than actual coffee, so it seems stupid to suggest 'Drink tea!'
      'Stay away from caffeine/coffee!'
      Though of course it depends on the type of tea, but most types do have caffeine.

    12. sohbet says:

      very good. thanks.

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    14. Jessica Zaleski - University of Florida says:

      I just sleep them off. It makes me feel better for a little while.

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    19. Aash says:

      LOL. Looks like someone copied your post and tweaked it from here and there:

    20. Julie says:

      How about just… don't have your period?๐Ÿ˜€ I take the Seasonique which only gives you one about 2-3x/year — and I skip the sugar pills, so I have 0 per year. I actually have not had a period in over four years — not even spotting! — and I'm looking into the Novasure to make them go away permanently.

      No cramps for me, no periods either! I highly recommend it as it really does work wonders!:)

      1. Ellis says:

        Yeah but Seasonique can cause birth defects! Imagine what it is doing to your body when you're NOT even pregnant!

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    22. Julia says:

      I have tried just about all home remedies and i don’t believe all teas have caffeine there are many types of green teas i feel alot bettet when i get in tub i let the water run as hot as i can stand it..i put wash cloth on my back i get out drink some hot tea and that’s the best for me.

    23. Morgan says:

      Masturbate or have sex!! Having an organism will relieve the cramps and not only does it get rid of cramps but you also get to have some fun

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