Things Girls Love, But Guys Hate

This list could go on forever. By nature, girls and guys are opposites, and there is an endless list of things we disagree on. I mean, haven’t you ever read the book Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus? I haven’t either, but I hear it exists. Point is, there are many things that don’t cross the barrier between girls and guys, and we here at College Candy would like to give you a little authority on the basics.

What do you think? Any more ideas on things we love but guys can’t stand?

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    1. invisibleblush says:

      My boyfriend likes the days I carry a larger bag with me because it means I can carry things like his Nintendo 3DS. He also likes dancing and has tried to get me to dance with him. He likes frozen yogurt enough for us to run down to Yogurtland five minutes before they close. :3 We also spent hours looking up videos of singing moments in Glee. We mutually don't like gossip and harem pants and mutually love tiny dogs and body shapers. We don't watch ABC family and both enjoy using the Jedi mind trick or trying to twist each others' words. Finally, we both love shopping. He's not like those guys that just sit outside or loiter around doors of stores. He'll actually walk around next to me. :3 He describes shopping as something that "gives a nice, warm feeling."

      1. Katie says:

        Well isn't your boyfriend just the most perfect ever!!! Thanks for totally proving this list wrong, because all the things on it totally apply to all guys.

      2. lynn says:

        and by any chance he doesn't have a brother that is as a keeper as your BF?

    2. Claire says:

      I'm a girl, and I hate tiny yappy dogs because I find them annoying more than anything. I've always responded better to big dogs for some reason.

    3. rox says:

      why do you insist on these galleries that dont work 75% of the time? SO annoying.

      1. Claire says:

        Yeah they don't work for me either. Very frustrating.

    4. sydney says:

      Boys gossip just as much as girls, sometimes it's even worse.

    5. Emily says:

      Since when do guys hate large purses? My boyfriend loves mine, because he gets to put all his crap in it when we're walking around. lol

    6. Elle says:

      i'm a chick and dislike 3/4 of this list! for the same reasons guys apparently don't like em… lol. in fact the only things on here i like are dancing, glee, and frozen yogurt (and i totally prefer frozen custard) though i will say i know a number of guys that are all about Glee! granted they're theatre people… like me. i'm not saying it wa a bad article, in fact i enjoyed it, i just disagree about the generalizations.

    7. M C says:

      I don't understand the hate for spanx at all. Hey, if it makes our tushes look better, why not? Obviously, they're not appreciative.

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    9. SaturnReturnAl says:

      Ugg boots! I had an ex that called them "birth control boots"…I love my fuzzy purple Uggs. Sorry boys.

    10. BBbbbbbbb says:

      Men play just as many or more mind games than girls. They play the "how long should I make her squirm before I call her game" daily. They don't tell their feelings or lie and use girls for sex when the girl thinks they are having a relationship. I hate this gallery because most of these items are equally shared between men and women and is just an excuse for making women look & feel bad about themselves.

    11. Jen says:

      Wow, I'm a girl and the only thing I don't hate on this list is frozen yogurt….

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    13. kelsey says:

      Only things I liked on this list were frozen yogurt and shopping. And even then…shopping for an hour or two tops, and not at the mall. And I'm talking TCBY frozen yogurt, not the healthy crap.

    14. Michael says:

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