10 Craziest Moments in Real Housewives History

Andy Cohen, you evil genius. The Real Housewives series has captivated many viewers not for the wholesome family values they think they’re teaching America (Manzo’s aside), but for how bat sh*t crazy these females and their respective husbands are. Obviously every episode is a journey to the psych ward (why else would we watch?), but here are 10 of their craziest shining moments…

10. Teresa’s Table Flip: I mean, need I say more? So much for being a classy broad!

9. Kelly’s Gone Crazy: Let’s face it, that whole vacation made Shutter Island look like a 5 star resort. But Kelly and her jelly beans and psycho-bable will forever define that season. That, and Alex’s hives.

8. Kim Zolaick’s Song: “Dear God, please keep my wig on!”

7. Money Can’t Buy You Class: Countess LuAnn aka “the next Barry Manilow” (according to her and her producer…yikes).

6. Tamra’s Eyebrows: That girl is crazy but her eyebrows are even crazier. Will she ever be able to move them? Find out next season.

5. Cedric’s Is A Pathological Liar: Were you born to a prostitute? Do you know that your shirt is so tight it looks like it’s from Baby Gap? The mystery will unfold this season.

4. Romana Singer: Alien eyes and pinot grigio.

3. Danielle Staub: Her entire existence.

2. Russel Armstong’s Suicide. So sad, so crazy.

1. Oh no, look who went and got herself kidnapped!



    1. Renee says:

      gotta love them housewives

    2. irvingquintero says:


    3. Akbar says:

      Hello . I first saw you on Pinterest and just finished inadreg/viewing your blog. It’s great! I relate, not because I do a lot with my makeup (I own a few great pieces), but because I have long dark hair like yours. Your blog makes me laugh when I read things that make me think you took the words right out of my mouth .. like the Bangs blog should I or shouldn’t I and I NEVER do. And when I think about cutting my hair at all, I think of the sexiest women alive (V.S. models and Kim K.) and come back to reality. I also love that you’re so practical and talk about how broke you are .haha! You inspire me to try more with my makeup and you made me realize it doesn’t have to look the same way everyday. I’m hooked! P.S. Girl crush

    4. A BiPolar Guy says:

      these women are clearly unreal. I don't even watch it and it's still obvious.

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