The 10 Best Girl’s Night Movies

Picking the perfect film for a girl’s night always comes down to how you want the party to go. Comforting a friend with a broken heart? Avoid the dramas and rom-coms. All the girls feeling stressed due to boys, bills, and work? I recommend a Disney classic. Feeling nostalgic? Anything 80s or anything that was released when we were in high school.

Here are some of my favorite girl’s night movies. Picking the wrong movie can cause epic rage explosions (especially if a certain girl is reminded of a certain guy) or long crying jags. Not a great way to get the party started.

Click on the gallery button to see my picks:

Go grab your pjs, girls, and make sure to add M&Ms to your popcorn. It’s time for the slumber parties to begin.



    1. Ashley says:

      Fail list.

      And seriously, if coming to this website will always result in annoying pop-up window ads, I'm going to bash some fucking heads in. Get your shit together – this website is pretty much 2/3rds ads, and I don't want any more ads being forced on me that refuse to be blocked via my edited hosts file.

      1. lmoe says:

        dude chill the fuck out its ok if you dont want adds… its called a book… and even they have ads kinda hard to avoid… all in all i agree i dont love the list but the rest of the sight is freekin awesome

        chill the fuck out

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    3. wat about waitress, breakfast club and some kind of wonderful? classic chick flics

    4. Barb says:

      Yes the ads are annoying but the website isn't a charity and has to fund itself.

      I liked this list, especially snow white and the 7 dwarfs, nice touch.

    5. Jessica Zaleski - University of Florida says:

      Mean Girls can be an any night movie. I feel like every guy I know loves Mean Girls, even if they wont outright admit it.

    6. MySpoonIsTooBig says:

      I don't think Clueless is anything like Mean Girls – Cher was "clueless" – until the end, but never "mean".

    7. sulmanmailsi says:


    8. karin france says:

      I think that maybe mean girls isn’t bad but prefer 27 dresses instead mean girls

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