8 Signs That You’re A Very, Very Bad Roommate

Disagreements with the one you cohabitate with are inevitable. From your parents to your boyfriend, people won’t knock and your snacks will get eaten. Yet the college living situation always seems to be the most tumultuous, and so I have collected all my wisdom to show you the signs that you’re being a bad roommate. Yes, you. That wasn’t a typo. Instead of blaming your roommate, look out for these signs in your self and you’ll be able to negate any sign of conflict. Because what’s a better way to learn than with examples of what-not-to-do?



    1. Liv says:

      I had someone doing #6 out of my apartment on campus, which was kinda okay because she was supper smart about it and would never let people actually come to our apartment. But a friend of her's got really sketchy when 5 different random people came to our door within 2 hours of each other to buy stuff off of him…. its scary to think that all of those random people he didn't even know knew our apartment was dealing! luckily, nothing bad happened because he left and told everyone that it wasn't his place so they wouldn't come back….but i still don't recommend it!!

    2. NeoDra says:

      i am not such one
      and i hate such room mate

    3. Rachel says:

      I really think there's nothing worse than trying to fall asleep to the sounds of sex. VOMIT everywhere.

      1. Madeleine - Suffolk says:

        it's just rude of the roommate!

      2. how about being WOKEN UP TO IT at 3 AM in the morning. ugh.

    4. Jen says:

      uggh, I have the WORST roommate ever. She stays in the room all the time and smells it up. It doesn't even feel like my room! I can never even go in it. I can't change my clothes in it, I can't have any friends over. She needs a big lesson. ASAP.

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    6. I can't believe you misspelled Bree Van de Kamp's name!!! Please fix this, it's insulting. Thanks.

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    8. My old roommate would use all kinds of my things without asking. She ate all my food, used MY TOWEL to dry her hands, and I swear she used my bathrobe once and even my razor. *shudder* She never helped pay for things like napkins, toilet paper, or dish/ hand soap. But she didn't mind using tons of them at a time.

      On top of that she was a slob. She left her things EVERYWHERE. I wouldn't mind so much, except she left all her stuff all over our common areas. the dining table, for example, meaning I couldn't use it to EAT. She didn't know how to wash the dishes (there was always lots of old crumbs still stuck to the "clean" dishes she had washed. she said she didn't like to "scrub"). She always had her friends over and they were always loud and made a mess that they would never clean up after. and she had sex with her boyfriend all the time while I was at home.

      My new roommate isn't super clean, but she's not a giant MESS. That makes a huge difference to me. but i don't think anyone could be as bad as my old roommate.

    9. Brittany - University of Saint Thomas says:

      Weird random roommate complaint: When she wanders into the family room (with company) wearing leopard booty shorts that could pass as underwear. Nobody wants to see your exotically decked out hoo-hah.

    10. beatanoelle says:

      Uh… I think my roommates and I would have qualified for the worst ever, both of us. Always extremely messy, going through each other's closets (although we at least usually said "Hey, I'm wearing your shoes."), sex in the room, sitting around half-dressed, alarms going off all morning. We're still best friends.

    11. Sw33tbay says:

      One of my roommates stole my shoe and she wanted me to get upset. The night before I lost my shoe, I told her bf to quiet down a bit so I can sleep and wake up early at 6 30 for my 8 am class. Her bf is an asshole. He sang really loud at night and others were trying to sleep. Now he is trying to piss me off by playing a guitar at 11 pm.

    12. Shebastuff says:

      I’m not a Bree van de Kamp but I left a note to my roomate saying she needs to clean the stove as I was trying to cook, this bitch left a note back saying I’m controlling. This is the first time I left a note in like 6 months. Then afterwards I knocked on her door to talk it out and the fucker ignored me. I’m trying to be a good roomate but she is annoying the heck outta me. My note was no where near rude and I even rewrote it to make sure it wasn’t . Are you sure I can’t poison her ?): it would relieve my stress .anyways I took the microwave from her ( it’s mine) . Because she doesn’t deserve to use my stuff if she can’t clean

    13. Apurva Mehta says:

      After all of this, all I can remember is the film, The Roommate. Only shows you how horrible a room-mate can get. F*CK.

    14. tenille says:

      im batman

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    16. @mybadroomie says:

      My roommates and I got along at first then…. reality started to set in and i realized that we are complete opposites and they thrive on drama and tried to belittle me because I was younger. ugh I cant stand them. I am so glad we are not roommates anymore

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