The Most Famous Love Triangles of All Time

There are few things in this world more polarizing that a good old fashioned love triangle. Pro-life vs. pro-choice? Who cares? iPhone vs. Blackberry? Whatever. Edward vs. Jacob? OH NO SHE DIDN’T! Think we’re wrong? Read on and see if any of these famous love triangles get you fired up…



    1. Maddy says:

      UM! Brooke/Peyton/Lucas from One Tree Hill !? I mean come on! That was like the pinnacle of the love triangle!

      1. caate says:

        I was just thinking that!

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    4. Amy says:

      Zack, Kelly, and AC Slater from Saved by the Bell.

      1. editor says:

        The Saved by the Bell triangles deserve their very own post. You know Stacy Carosi is deserving of a triangle in there somewhere.

      2. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

        I second this

    5. nadine says:

      I agree on Peyton, Brooke and Lucas:) You should have put them too.

    6. hotawesome says:


    7. Michelle says:


    8. Megan says:

      Wait…where's Buffy/Angel/Spike? All hot, all completely effed up, and God, I would have given my right arm to be Sarah Michelle Gellar.

      1. Lena says:

        exactly what i thought when i read this. that triangle was so well done – perfect amounts of vulnerable, funny, hot, and twisted. emphasis on hot and twisted.

    9. Jessica Zaleski - University of Florida says:

      Aw Seth/Summer/Anna. I was never an Anna fan, but I cried so hard when she left town to go back to Pennsylvania.

    10. Caitlin says:

      you spelled cedric wrong.

    11. mbm says:

      Mrs. Brady/Mr Brady/Alice lol

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    13. Jennyfer says:

      The hunger who? And I who is Shar Jackson (in the Britney case)?!

    14. HP Fan says:

      In reference to the "Harry Potter/Cho Chang/Cedrick Diggory" one I hate to be a pain but it's spelt C-E-D-R-I-C not C-E-D-R-I-C-K

    15. alan says:

      do any of you really have any kind of life?

    16. Nick says:

      Hermione/Ron/Lavender?? Viktor/Hermione/Ron?? No one cares about Harry's love life but Ginny.

    17. nnn says:


      Gilmore Girls – watch it!

    18. DAri says:

      i read this thinking catherine/heathcliff/edgar would be on for some reason xD

    19. caate says:

      I'm pretty sure the Titanic one wasn't even a love triangle because I don't remember Rose being too fond of the prick. What about Greek? Cappie, Casey, Evan..

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    21. Collyn says:

      Brenda was the good girl. Kelly was the bitch.

      (I grew up watching 90210 & my sister was an avid fan so I would know)

    22. Sonya says:

      Really? Doctor Zhivago? MOST famous love triangle of all time!

    23. lala says:

      please…it's cedrIC, not cedrICK.

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    26. Gulam says:

      paigeSuki, I’m glad you like the printable. This quote helps me to rebemmer that if I do something with love, it doesn’t matter how small the task is. That’s hard to rebemmer when you spend your days changing diapers and making bottles!

    27. Jana says:

      I'm still a big fan of Titanic:-)

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