The Craziest Manicures We’ve Ever Seen!

Raise your hand if you love paying to get your hands and feet some lovin’! As common, middle class folk, we like to keep the manicures and pedicures comfortably inside a price range that we can really fit our fingers and toes around. That’s why we never dare to pay for the really fancy manicures that come with seaweed wraps and Dead Sea salt scrubs. With that said, even if we did have the money, we would never pay for these crazy manicures. They’re a little too crazy…even for us.

Check ’em out below!



    1. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

      Let's try those Pikachu ones for CC Beauty Live

      1. editor says:

        Hmm, I think that might be too similar to the "how to turn your favorite Japananimation cards into a fashionable fall hairstyle."

    2. ♥♥♥ says:

      I wasn't too sure about #6 and the really long ones look super inconvenient, however, I really quite liked the rest. Especially the Pikachu one.

    3. I am in LOVE with the Chanel ones!

      1. mm99 says:

        LOve the chanels too!!!!
        pokeman are cute and funny

    4. Dollfie says:

      Apart from 13 and 14, I see no crazy here.

    5. Jessica Zaleski - University of Florida says:

      I wish I didn't bite my nails. These are gorgeous. I also love Katy Perry's nails, she always does crazy manicures.

    6. Sandra says:

      I really like the Pacman ones.:)

    7. duh says:

      Love the Chanel mani

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