Roomies for Life: 10 Celebs I’d Dorm With

I had the most awkward roommate my first year of college. Like everyone under the sun suggested, I tried my best to stick it out and get to know her. Keyword: tried.

After a failed trip to Canada that almost got me killed, five-week-old leftover Indian food in my mini-fridge, taking and wearing my jeans without asking, puking all over her bed and then shutting the windows…I finally had to count my loses and accept that my roommate was absolutely CRAZY and our relationship was going nowhere.

Thank God.

But, since hindsight is always 20/20, if I had the chance to choose who my freshman year roomie would have been, you know who I would have picked? Celebrities. Big time celebs. Not the Indie films stars (even though I still find them incredibly talented and way more interesting than me). I’m talkin’ Hollywood A-list, top-of-the-line, million-dollar-making, still warm from their last vacation, celebrities!

I’ll admit, not all of my top 10 celeb picks were motivated by everlasting friendship:



    1. Cody says:

      Zach Galifianakis or Will Ferrell is who I would pick. You could never be in a bad mood because you'd always be laughing.

      1. Kylie - Vermont says:

        Haha very true! I forgot to even go straight to the funny men and women. I'd definitely pick Steve Carell. Only catch is he'd always have to play Michael and Dwight would have to visit often!

    2. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

      I want to be part of Zach's wolf pack. Just sayin'.

    3. editor says:

      Sorry, I gotta say no to Willow Smith. If she's whipping her hair that hard when she's sober, I can't imagine what she would be like drunk. She'd be like WHIPPING her body at me while I tried to sleep.

      1. Kylie - Vermont says:

        Haha touche! More body pillows, maybe? To shield you from impact?

      2. editor says:

        Yeah sooo many body pillows. Or maybe just a padded room. Can you imagine when her karate kid brother comes to visit? Hair whipping, hand chopping…I'm already scared!

    4. Kennedy says:

      My Choice? Ryan Gosling. Hey girl.

      1. editor says:

        I couldn't room with Ryan Gosling. I would get jealous and paranoid every time he wasn't home. And that's an ugly look for any girl.

    5. Katelyn says:

      Ryan Gosling.. yummyssss

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