Sweatpants in Public: There’s Just No Excuse

As a college student, I think it is most important that we all sit down once and a while and think about all the things we’ve learned in our years. Not necessarily academic things, because lord knows I don’t remember a thing from freshmen year, but the important things: life, love, the pursuit of happiness, etc. etc.

I do this quite regularly during classes (I think it’s called “zoning out” or “not paying attention”), and recently realized the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned.

Now please pay very close attention and re-read if necessary, because what I’m about to share with you is very, very valuable and apparently very, very difficult for college students to grasp:

Sweatpants are not meant to be worn in public, ever.

Before you even utter the word “comfortable,” bite your tongue. They are unflattering, lazy, and meant to be worn at home. Anything that has the word “sweat” in it should not be worn in public, and that should have been self-explanatory.

I don’t mean to reprimand you, dear reader…you know I love you…but I can’t go on in a world like this. The next person I see with “Juicy,” “Victoria’s Secret,” “Pink” or any other word written over their derrière, gets pantsed.

To avoid public humiliation, browse through these photos of unforgivable fashion.



    1. […] Sweatpants in Public: There’s Just No Excuse […]

    2. […] Sweatpants in Public: There’s Just No Excuse […]

    3. Name Here says:

      I couldn't agree more.

    4. Chelsey says:

      So… we shouldn't wear sweaters in public then?

    5. SJU says:

      Best advice I received for college: Wear your jeans everyday. The motto has 2 purposes. 1) You at least seem some-what put together. 2) It keeps you conscious of any weight changes (AKA the Freshman 15)

    6. Jessica Zaleski - University of Florida says:

      Those fitted sweat pants are awful. I don't know why you wouldn't just wear leggings and a tunic. Just as comfortable, but much more chic.

    7. Ash says:

      I completely disagree. I'm not exactly going to my 8a.m. seminar to impress anyone. I'm going there to learn. And sweatpants have never hindered my learning process before. But that's just me.

      1. Jessica says:

        you'd probably feel more awake in your 8am if you took 5 minutes to put pants on instead of what you slept it.

      2. Ash says:

        First of all, who said I'm wearing the same pants I slept in to class? And I never said I didn't feel awake at 8am, I just said I didn't think it mattered if I wore sweatpants or jeans. Thanks for playing though.

    8. Glamour says:

      Ummmmmm… You wearing sweatpants at that eight a.m. class hinders MY ability to focus and learn.

      1. ... says:

        8 pounds of make-up is pretty distracting, too.

    9. Nicky says:

      Then you should change your major if you are THAT focused on what other people are wearing. Go into something with fashion. Then you won't have to worry about it. That just looked really catty to be honest. I love my college sweats & my volleyball sweats from high school. Yeah, they aren't fashionable but honestly some days I just need to take a break from dressing up everyday. I mean I don't wear sweats often. But jesus, if I want to wear them once to class oh well. No one stated sweats were fashionable.

    10. Kate says:

      You nailed it- sweats and uggs is THE most hideous fashion crime on college campuses everywhere. At least put on some fitted yoga pants!

    11. Jay says:

      Life's too short to worry about what the general public thinks about your wardrobe. I dress for myself, not for a bunch of strangers. I usually dress nice but there are days I just don't care if I look lazy if all I'm doing is going to 7/11 to buy a bagel. With looking for a new job, applying to school, paying my bills, and busting my ass at my current job, I don't need to stress about my appearance on top of that. Anyways, this shouldn't be an issue. If you don't like what you see, then look away and learn to not judge others over frivolous things especially when you should fully be paying attention to your studies. You are all grown women and I suggest you act like it.

    12. Dina says:

      You're just being judgmental and you're venting out your ridiculous pet peeve. Why is it your pet peeve ridiculous? Because what other people wear, especially if it's clothing that is modest, is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. In reality, you don't have any right to tell people what to wear.

    13. amy says:

      i thought college was about getting an education not a fashion show…. i'm sorry but if i'm up all night studying i don't really care about what i'm wearing to class the next day.

    14. Mary says:

      i don't think anyone would get all dressed up after pulling an all nighter. i wear sweatpants, but so does almost any other college student, even soriority girls wear them as well. and if they weren't "fashionable" to your meaning than the top brands wouldn't sell them for you to wear. sweatpants have nothing to do with learning, if your interning or working then you shouldn't wear them, but to go to a 8 o'clock class and get dressed up, thats ridiculous. i don't know where you wen't to school, but where i go (a big public top rated university) no one gives a crap what you wear, as long as you don't look like a whore wearing it. if going into a rant over swearpants is a big thing for you, then i feel sorry for you and i wish you luck in this world. being judgemental over something as small like that won't get you anywhere.

      1. Lacey says:

        Maybe your lecturers give a crap about their students actually bothering to put some decent clothes on…. I have no issue with people wearing sweatpants to the shops or whatev personally I think it's lazy but each to their own. However when it comes to lectures… Is it that hard to pull on some jeans and show some respect for the people you are paying to teach you? 8 or 4 doesn't make a difference in the real world you would be expected to put clothes on why is College any different?

      2. Jacque says:

        Professors know that if they have classes in the early morning that not every one is going to be wide-eyed and all dressed up. In a lecture hall of many students, the professor most likely will not even notice the students wearing sweatpants, and if he does, it's highly doubtful that he would care.

      3. Jess says:

        Actually lacey makes a good point…. My lecturer refuses entry to people who are late or wearing pajamas which includes sweatpants as he believes College is a job and seeing as he was up on time and dressed so should we be..

    15. Meg says:

      THANK YOU. i completely agree. throw on a pair of jeans. it't not that hard. you look 110 times better once you do. i understand that they're comfy, but they make you look like you just don't care. take .2 seconds and change. i'm no fashionista, i just don't understand the point.

    16. mel says:

      I agree that sweatpants are hideous, and no one looks good in them. But that doesn't stop me from wearing them when I spend the whole day in a back corner of the library. Truth be told, no one wears sweats because they think they look good, they wear them because at that point in time they dont care how they look

    17. kimmie says:

      I don't think anyone should wear sweats every day to class, but I don't see the big deal if you wear it every once in awhile. I like to dress up for school, but there are some days when I just don't give a damn. Every girl should be allowed those kind of days, just not everyday.

    18. Sev says:

      I agree with the fatal Uggs/sweats combo, but I live for my Monday uniform of track pants and a hoodie.

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    20. Caylyn says:

      This is absolutely ridiculous. I can see if your look like a complete mess with huge baggy sweats on or something. But i don't see anything wrong with it if you look put together. I wouldn't say $50-100 sweatpants from Victoria's Secret and Juicy are trashy or anything. Someone times its nice to have a lazy day and go out and be comfortable. I highly doubt anyone really cares unless you are at your job or something like that. Its not the 20's anymore…we don't all have to wear skirts to our ankles and dresses every where we go. If people are annoyed because I have sweatpants on, you aren't the person i want to be around… Judgmental asshole.

    21. Ali says:

      They can't be that bad to wear in public if so many other people are wearing them in public.

    22. Hales says:

      Dressing even somewhat decent is a sign of respect to your teachers, and not only that but you learn better because you probably feel better when you throw on something a bit nicer. I personally find jeans way more comfortable than sweats. Even leggings with a nice-ish shirt looks a lot more put together and professional than sweats. Comfort can equal style.

      Also, it is so not classy to have letters across your butt.

    23. GGal says:

      i couldn't agree more. how hard is it to throw on a pair of jeans in the morning? because i hope to god you are not rolling out of bed in the same sweats that you were sleeping in the night before. if you can't muster the strength to slip into a pair of jeans, put on leggings and a LONG tunic (leggings are NOT pants…so don't even think about wearing them as such). seriously. sweats in public is just disturbing.

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    25. Therese says:

      fashion police much? no one ever said sweatpants were fashionable. instead of judging someone by their looks or way of dress, you should look at their personality, work ethic and heart. so what if someone wears sweatpants for a day? they meant to be are COMFORTABLE. not fashionable.

    26. CoCo says:

      so i'm guessing you NEVER wore sweatpants in public before? smh

    27. CoCo says:

      fashion police much? no one ever said sweatpants were fashionable. instead of judging someone by their looks or way of dress, you should look at their personality, work ethic and heart. so what if someone wears sweatpants for a day? they meant to be are COMFORTABLE. not fashionable.

    28. Erica says:

      You go to college to learn, not to judge each other’s wardrobe. If you’re bothered by what others wear then there is another problem. If judging another’s wardrobe is more important than learning for you, I think you’re in the wrong place.

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    32. @Maclanis says:

      Jeans are comfy too, and you don't look like you just got out of bed. I just want to hit people who combine them with uggs. And don't even get me started with those who have "juicy" written across their asses.

      I know you shouldn't judge people on how they look, but putting on a jeans is the same amount of effort as putting on sweats, and in my opinion they are just as comfy. So why prefer sweats over jeans then?

      Fortunately, I live in Belgium, where only foreign exchange students dare to wear sweat pants to class.

      I will order my friend to slap me and send me home to change the day I wear sweats in public (though I probably don't even need to ask, it's just common sense!).

    33. annom says:

      Sweats in public are AWESOME 99% of you are uptight rich kids. Get a life most collage kids can barley afford to shop at name brand stores. You people are really condescending. Before you judge someone by what they ware to class take a look at your life.

      1. Guest says:

        spell ware right and maybe I won't judge you

      2. Guest says:

        Fuck off jerk! How's that spelling asshole?

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    36. ChellyBean says:

      I'm a girl, and every day I wear sweatpants. In fact, I've never worn jeans since I was a baby. I love them. Jeans annoy the crap out of me, just because everyone wears them. I wear sweats everyday, and am PROUD OF IT. X3

    37. jelena says:

      I like to dress fashionable in the office (I work in finance) but on certain days I'm not gonna put makeup or I'm gonna wear sweatpants because that's most comfortable. My boss thinks it's ok as long as I have work ethic. So, I think it's about substance and not appearance sometimes.

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