10 Things To Do Before The Semester Ends…Or You Graduate

October has snuck up on us all, and I’m starting to feel a little unaccomplished. The leaves are changing, iced coffees are turning into pumpkin spice lattes and the semester is well underway…as in I’ve already failed about 3 or 4 tests, but who’s counting?

This month, let’s all carpe diem it: ask out that boy with the irreverent comments in your American Lit. class, start your own college publication or finally win at beer pong. You can do it friends; I have faith in you.

Below are some essential things to do this semester, a bucket list of sorts. Go out there and make me proud.

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    1. Julia H. says:

      Meditate–yes! I'm trying to make a habit of taking a little bit of time each day to just breathe…it's easy to get too busy!

      1. Madeleine - Suffolk says:

        I always end up falling asleep!

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    5. Brittany - University of Saint Thomas says:

      Great article! Also, I'll add having a photo shoot with your best girlfriends in the fall leaves/scenery. You will always cherish them!

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    7. […] Want to see the final 5 things to do before the semester ends? Click over to CollegeCandy. […]

    8. ok. says:

      sigh no prospective employer will hire you if you don't know how to spell "prospective," or that employees don't hire people

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