10 Fall Fashion Trends For $25 Or Less!

We’re almost in October, and that means that fall fashion is officially here. For most of us college students, shopping has turned into a luxury…not so much a necessity (Don’t you miss your parents paying for everything? I know I do). But this season has recycled and revamped fall classics, and introduced some new goodies for everyone’s wardrobe, and since there isn’t anything I love more than fall fashion (maybe cupcakes), I have found some great ways to wear this fall’s trends on the frugal side.

Now, picking a favorite trend is impossible: much like a parent picking a favorite child. But since I hate kids and don’t know what that decision would be like, I’ve narrowed down 10 must-have fall trends for under $25 that you must have!



    1. Shay says:

      How are these under $25?
      Don't get me wrong, I love the fall trends but I was kind of hoping for some actual clothes from stores and their prices…not just vague ideas of trends.

    2. Shay says:

      NEVERMIND I JUST LOOKED CLOSER. Thanks for the links, that's EXACTLY what I was looking for:)

    3. the collection is really awesome thanks for sharing!!

    4. Lora says:

      Does anyone have any good recommendations for camel-colored shoes??

    5. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

      I have some emerald pants, and I must say they've been a hit

    6. Brittany - University of Saint Thomas says:

      POLKA DOTS. Why do I love them so much? I used to think polka dots were only for 50-year-old women in the kitchen.

      Things have definitely changed.

    7. Jonesy says:

      Ridiculosly written article. Silly pictures accompanying examples. Would have like to see better representation of said fall fashion examples.

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