15 Things That No Longer Shock Us

When I go to campus parties, I’m always shocked by something. Whether it’s 20 people making out at once or girls doing naked keg stands, my jaw drops at least one time during the night. While my fellow classmates are great for shock value, celebrities are not. There are certain things we’ve seen a million times before, so it’s no longer jaw-dropping.

Here are things that no longer shock us.

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    1. Guest says:

      Such a stupid article. Do you guys even filter what crap gets posted?

      1. editor says:

        No we don't!

        Here's the writing process at CollegeCandy:

        1. You email us and tell us that you have an article you would like to post.
        2. We email you back with our log-in information
        3. You post your article.

      2. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

        Basically there's someone new running the site everyday!

    2. anne says:

      what is the mcrib doing there? do you consider ronald mcdonald an actual celebrity?

      1. Bucky Jones says:

        Ahh the McRib…. combine that with 7-11 nachos equals great stoner food at 2 in the morning.

    3. […] Things that no longer shock us (like celebrity crotch flashes). -College Candy […]

    4. lynn says:

      J Lo getting divorced… hahahahahaha nice one. not a brainy article, but quite amusing

    5. Brittany - University of Saint Thomas says:

      JLO getting divorced. I love it, totally not surprising me.

      Another thing that does not surprise me anymore:
      1. Creepy photos of Suri Cruise dressed like a girly accountant, while doing something kid-like (i.e. eating icecream). SO WEIRD.

    6. CoffeeBeans says:

      that was terrible. Stick to blowing guys at the jaw-dropping parties you go to instead of writing up these kids of articles.

    7. A Fan says:

      The "naked keg stand" link is bullshit!

    8. NicBree says:

      This article was completely pointless. Half of these things weren't ever "shockers".

    9. poo says:

      the worst thing i've stumbled upon… ever

    10. Milander says:

      never coming back here again… what a load of crap

    11. Brain says:

      This has to be the worst 'article' composed by man…..EVER!!!!

    12. whitebread says:

      I could go eat a dictionary right now and in a few hours I'll be flushing a better article than this.

    13. Tim says:

      Totally Pointless. Stupid crap. Can I get my 10 seconds of life wasted back?

    14. will says:

      such a waste of time

    15. Bong says:

      Why did I even read this. So stupid article!

    16. エリツク says:

      i'd think of some way to criticize this article but it has been shit on enough already.

    17. John says:

      You need fire her…such a waste of time…

    18. JOE says:

      seriously i am never coming to this site EVER again

    19. Trevor says:

      This was shit.

    20. Tyler says:

      Absolutely terrible article

    21. Obama says:

      weaksauce… come hard next time

    22. facepuncher3000 says:

      wow, you suck.

    23. Kit says:

      Wow. that list sucked so much I can't believe I wasted those two minutes of my life. Won't be back to this site.

    24. Bon Geldof says:

      What the fuck have I just read?
      Piece of shit

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