Would You Date a Sperm Donor?

Would you date a guy who had 70 kids?  Me neither. What if he had 70 kids not because he was promiscuous, but because he was a sperm donor? I still don’t think I could.

On a new show on the Style Network called Sperm Donor, a guy named Ben tells his fiancé he has about 70 kids as a result of being a sperm donor. Now, I get why someone would be a sperm donor; he would make a lot of money, but how could you do it that much? It would freak me out knowing that I have 70 kids running around whom I have never met before. So it would REALLY freak me out to date someone with 70 kids running around.

What if once we got married I had kids with him, and then that kid happened to meet and fall in love with one of their half-siblings? Even if they didn’t know they were sleeping with a sibling, it’s still super gross.

Although I don’t want kids, I think that if I were to have kids with someone, I would want it to be special for the both of us. If we both know he has 70 other kids on the planet, where’s the special-ness in having our own little bundle of joy?

What do you think? Would you date a sperm donor?

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    1. Captain Sparkles says:

      I am married now, so dating isn't an issue, but if I was to re-enter the dating pool, someone being a sperm donor would be a real turn off for me. It is not that I am selfish or a prude or anything like that. I have just read one too many stories about sperm being used incorrectly in sperm banks and having that result in way too many children. I would not want to get serious with a guy and then have 30 or 40 children come out of the woodwork down the road and possibly be entitled to child support or other support from him.

      1. Shannon says:

        While 30 or 40 children COULD come out of the woodwork (I believe it's usually closer to 10. I myself have 11 donor siblings), they would not be entitled to child support. Donors give up any claim of parenthood when they donate sperm/ova. Also, as the law stands now, donors are usually anonymous (this depends on the facility the donor works with I believe), so unless your man wanted to find his biological children and created a profile on or something, there would probably be no way for the donor offspring to find him.

    2. ml66uk says:

      You might see things differently if you or someone you knew found themselves in the position where they needed donor sperm. Some people need a little help to have their "own little bundle of joy", but that doesn't make the children any less special.

      70 donor children seems excessive, but I don't think Ben had any idea that might happen.

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    4. Amy says:

      What about the flip side? I myself am an egg donor, and my husband supports this 100%. Men have an easier time of it, obviously since they don't have to go through a month of pills, injections,charts, check-ups and ultimately, surgery. If YOU feel that YOU are uncomfortable with the idea, that is completely fine, of course. But I am proud of the multiple families I have helped, and probably will help again in the future! But can we all agree that if this is something you've been a part of, that it is definitely something you must disclose to anyone you're seriously dating? Because I think you may be surprised at just how many guys have donated before but may not have revealed it, attracted at the idea of a quick buck!

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