10 Costumes You’ll See at Halloween Parties this Year

The best part of Halloween is the duplicates – the four girls dressed like Snooki, the Lady Gaga twins – and the second best part is being able to identify every costume in the basement of a Frat House before you even ask anybody. Every year, people love to dress up like the biggest newsmakers and so, we should all prepare ourselves for the tasteless, the creepy, and the funny.



    1. And if you dont want to be any of those, sexy school girl always does the trick –

    2. Megan says:

      I can't tell if that picture is a girl dressing up as that courtney girl or if it really is her…how sad is that hahaha

    3. Grace says:

      Courtney Stodden is 35. There is NO way she's 16. NO WAY. I can't wait for the scandal to break.

    4. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

      Also, pregnant Beyonce complete with folding baby bump!

    5. Jessica Zaleski - University of Florida says:

      I've already heard people talking about how they want to be Casey Anthony. I feel like some people are going to take it really far to where it's not funny, it's just bad.

    6. I have to admit that I actually kinda want to go as Courtney Stodden…I can think of a thousand awesome outfits for her:)

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