10 Winter Coat Alternatives to the (Predictable) North Face

When winter hits and turns us all into grumpy, snow-man looking students, know you have an alternative to the traditional college girl uniform — North Face fleece, Uggs, leggings, ear muffs, fuzzy gloves, and frozen tears. You know what I’m talking about.

While Arctic temperatures might not make you want to look put together 24/7, know these coats will do the trick when it comes to keeping warm and fashionable…

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    1. I L-O-V-E wearing mustard! It always makes me feel like Rosemary from Rosemary's Baby:) Definitely going to invest in that coat!

    2. I can tell you right now that the Forever21 coats are nowhere near as warm as the North Face ones! I personally live in New England, and go to school here. The winter gets brutal fast, and J Crew and Gap don't make warm coats either. These are all really cute coats….. but don't compare to any North Face jacket when looking at durability and warmth. Granted, I am on the hunt for a nice, classy looking winter jacket with some real grit to it. I haven't found one yet, but this post didn't exactly help find it either… *sigh* Still on the hunt.:)

      1. Alisha Marie says:

        I totally agree with you. I live in Utah and the winters can get pretty harsh here too. I've been looking for a new coat that is both warm and cute. Patagonia has some cute ones this year. I recommend checking those out.

      2. Kylie - Vermont says:

        Patagonia, LL Bean or even NorthFace Parkas. Parka's are super in style this season!

    3. Kylie - Vermont says:

      I definitely agree that the F21 coats aren't the warmest, but I know for a fact that you can't go wrong investing in a Patagonia or even an LL Bean warm jacket. I went to college in Vermont and while F21 might be the trendy norm– I'd rather invest my money into a warmer jacket that I know will last me longer!

    4. Karen says:

      I go to school in Chicago, and these coats would definitely not cut it during the teeth of a Chicago winter, including the North Face fleece. When it's -10 degrees and you still have to trek to class, it's gotta be the puffy parka, ugly as it may be (although there are some cute ones out there). These might work for the winter in warmer places, but you would freeze in them in January in Chicago.

      1. Kate says:

        I'm from Michigan and go to school in Ohio and I completely agree! I wear my North Face fleece in October/November and switch to a long padded North Face for Jan-March! I would also NEVER buy a coat from Forever 21, because I refuse to believe that you can buy a quality coat for under $100 (unless it's a really good sale!).

      2. Tina says:

        Agreed. I went to DePaul for my undergrad, and lived in Lincoln Park for three of the four years. I was able to get a three-in-one Columbia jacket on a supersale for $15, and it's really cute. You don't have to freeze to look good!

    5. Nicky says:

      These coats could cut it for fall but in Ohio you'd freeze your butt off. I like to buy coats with sherpa lining because it adds warmth. Peacoats just don't cut it when it's freezing. You need something from Northface or another strong durable coat line. They are getting more stylish with their coats. But you could wear these coats you posted if you were just going to a party. Say you drove and just had a short walk to the building. They would be okay for that.

    6. Laura says:

      Haha yeah, I'm from Manitoba, Canada.. try that for harsh. These are really cute fall jackets, but when the -40 weather rolls around I shall be bundled up in a warm parka!

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    8. MKDC says:

      Seriously? These coats wouldn't even keep you warm in Washington DC, and we're *technically* the South. Also, the only time you should wear Uggs outside during the winter is when you feel like ruining those expensive Australian house slippers. And leggings? Really? not really what I would call winter wear, unless the leggings are the 2nd layer in my 3 layers of pants. I know women who wear the NorthFace/leggings/Uggs combination during the winter THINK they look cute, and maybe they do to their other sorority sisters, but the rest of us think they look like complete idiots.

      But, since that is such a horrible yet ever-present phenomenon, I recognize the need for this article. The options are cute! but unfortunately only practical if you go to school in states that border Mexico or its Gulf. For everyone else, might I suggest Columbia Sportswear? We've all seen the commercials for OmniHeat, and let me tell you, that stuff really does work. And, they're getting better every year at making their coats fitting and flattering. Also, there's a new startup in SF that looks very promising:

    9. Maura - Rider University says:

      Might just be me, but the North Faces don't cut it for me once December hits, or when its raining. Why didn't I get one with a hood?!

      And I totally don't understand why Uggs are considered winter wear. You can't get them muddy, wet, or put them in the snow. They leak and your toes get wet and freezing.

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    13. @redmuses says:

      I'm from New England.. and none of these are quality, or warm. Besides, I'd rather be running around in a Northface than some low rent bad copy (of a warmer designer one-) spewed out by christian fundamentalists. My mother works in an army navy store, and they buy pea coats from the same company that makes them for the Navy. Northface or military quality, any day. Besides, if you have an ounce of brains or creativity, you can be super cool, no matter what you buy.

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