Caption this Photo to Win an iPad2! [Giveaway]

When iPads first came out I was all like, “ew who needs an oversized iPhone?” But now after playing with my friend’s iPads for the past year, I’ve gone all Veruca Salt on them. Like “I want one, I need one, Daddy put that golden egg laying goose on hold and GET ME AN IPAD!” Unfortch for me, it’s not quite in the budget right now. But luckily for you, it is. All you have to do is caption the stock photo below to be eligible for a chance to win your very own iPad 2.

But before we get to the nitty-gritty of the entry requirement, here’s a quick word from our wonderful sponsors and iPad donors, Dreamstime:

Providing images that are perfect for adding a little glamour to personal blogs, using in decorative collages or designing custom invitations for theme parties, Dreamstime is a leader in stock photography and a major supplier of high quality digital images. With more than 12 million images and over 12 million unique visitors per month, Dreamstime is one of the most popular stock photography websites in the world. In addition to the current 250,000 free images available, Dreamstime’s active gallery is updated by the second with photos from the site’s 120,000-plus contributors. For more information on Dreamstime, please visit:”

1. Caption the photo below in the comments. That’s it. You’re automatically entered to win this amazing prize.  Oh, and make sure to use your real e-mail address so we can contact you if you win.

2. Contest closes at 11:59 PM on October 20th, 2011

3. Please note this giveaway is only open to US and Canadian residents. For official rules and more legal mumbo-jumbo, click here.



    1. Brittany says:

      All we need now is the cowardly lion and the wicked witch of the west for our Wizard of Oz reunion!

    2. Krys says:

      If the group had just used a designated flyer, they never would have received those FUIs.

    3. Lazybrains says:

      Would you like to ride *my* broomstick tonight?

    4. Rebecca says:

      Time sure flies when you're having fun!

    5. Lfjones29 says:

      My first trip to the Three Broomsticks… Too much butterbeer…. 5 points from Gryffindor…. Need I say more??

    6. Kara says:

      James and Peter had quite a different night pictured, when the girls asked to "ride their broomsticks."

    7. Kaitlyn says:

      HP8: Harry Potter and the Walk of Shame

    8. brandy says:

      I really really REALLY wish that i WOULD be the WINNER of this AMAZING IPAD (FINGERS CROSSED TIGHT X)!!!!

      I am looking foward to the drawing and PRAYING that it will be ME!!

    9. always4ever09 says:

      dude my broom's only a 2 seater…you're gonna have to hitch a ride with the girls

    10. Robyn says:

      Harry Potter and The Goblet of Morning After Pills

    11. Katie says:

      Halloween flash mob practice day one: Two male hipsters fail to bring their witch hats. Amateurs.

    12. Cassie F says:

      The downside of drinking too much….you slur your words and "threesome" sounds more like "broom-some"

    13. Elise B. says:

      Hipsters playing Quidditch!

    14. Suzan says:

      Something wicked this way comes..

    15. Fawn says:

      Kinky's Delivery Service starring Ashton Kutcher and Slash.

      ha ha! Thanks for hosting. :)

    16. Angel says:

      Hipsters & Hags: On the Rise

    17. Jessica says:

      Sometimes, just believing you can fly is enough.

    18. Harun says:

      Feeling so fly, like a broomstick.

    19. Niki Lang says:

      Hitch Hikers Guide to Halloween!Halloween!

    20. Niki Lang says:

      Oops, I meant: Hitch Hikers Guide to Halloween!:)

    21. Jennifer says:

      One, two, three.
      Take my broom and come with me,
      because you look so fine that I really want to make you mine.

    22. Gina Italia says:

      You wish you were this fly"

    23. Darryl says:

      Hey ladies, you should Quidditch the hipsters if you really want to fly.

    24. Marion says:

      two is company, three's a party!

    25. Ariel says:

      " Sex on A Broom?!!"

      First witch ( Black Hat/ Black dress) : You weren't doing it right, You just got to ..Stick…it … up there"
      Boy: Ohhh!!! Soo this is how you ride a broom !:)

      Witch with blue dress: Let's do a sandwich guys!!
      Guy: Yeahhhh Party Broom
      Girl: Oh no, when can i hop off?!

    26. Sam says:

      Hold onto your broomsticks, it's Halloweekend!

    27. Hannah says:

      Flying While Intoxicated: Only illegal in Oregon.

    28. Elizabeth says:

      2011's Last Place Quidditch Team

    29. Eileen says:

      Put your left foot out . . .

    30. Diana says:

      "Off to the witch's ball with Designated Dave leading the way.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! =)"

    31. Leslie says:

      witch sandwich!

    32. Tina M says:

      Rocking with the Witches

    33. Haleigh says:

      The real Arizona State University Quidditch Team.

    34. ewei319 says:

      Witches Gone Frat

    35. Diz says:

      With Voldemort vanquished, the elders feared that the young witches and wizards began to lack direction.

    36. Halloween: When Smirnoff isn't the only handle in your closet.

    37. Lauren says:

      Skipping the Underwear was a Bad Idea for These Witches

    38. Mia says:

      lifestyles of the witch and the famous

    39. cole says:

      They drank the Kool Aid?

    40. Jay Cee says:

      (insert broomstick joke here)
      That's what she said!

    41. andrea says:

      gettin witches all day

    42. emily says:

      Those witches are going to have some inconveniently located splinters

    43. swalker says:

      Girl in the blue dress: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea…

    44. danielle says:

      Halloween conga line

    45. Rachael says:

      I hope no one sees us being naughty little….B-witches!

    46. iFoosy says:

      Erectus Maximus!!!

    47. itosach says:

      one witch two witch three witch ho
      four witch five witch
      go witch go

    48. Tiphani says:

      (Guy in front:) : "I told you this is a great way to pick up chicks."

    49. Rose says:

      Witch Hat – $10
      Ticket to the Hipster Party – $75
      Explaining to your parents how you got a DUI on a Broomstick – Priceless

    50. Emily says:

      Girl in the blue dress: "Why are we still on the ground!? It worked in Harry Potter!"

    51. Anjli Mehta - University of Texas at Austin says:

      Girls, how are we gonna sneak these guys in Hogwarts without an invisibility cloak?

    52. Alyssia says:

      Guys: "Ladies, Get Ready for the Ride of your lives!"

    53. Abby says:

      Boys: "Ready for takeoff, ladies!??!?"

    54. Rachel says:

      "ride my stick, witch"

    55. mia says:

      We believe we can fly

    56. Lulu says:

      Spotted! Three best friends with only two wizards. Maybe next time they'll be able to conjure up a third one. Happy Flying Witches!

      Gossip Girl

    57. chloe says:

      "Double, double, toil and trou….wait. WTF Russell Brand!?!"

    58. Sabina says:

      All aboard Hogwarts Express…

      Guy in suit: Leggo!

    59. Breeanna says:

      Taking A Ride on the Wicked Sideee

    60. mary says:

      black magic

    61. Jamie Herda says:

      "I said, pull my FINGER!!….but that will work, too:)"

    62. alease1389 says:

      next stop.. Hogwarts !

    63. Lesley says:

      Girl in the middle: "Sorry guys! I can't hold it in any longer!"

    64. Broom service coming to you soon!

    65. Megan says:

      Front guy: Look babe, they're comfortable with a 3 way!

    66. Clint says:

      Front dude-I'll have what they're having

    67. Mark says:

      Man I wish my stick could hold 3 people

    68. Sarah says:

      Hey, do any of you even know how to fly one of these things?

    69. Dawn Davis says:

      Guy in the back with the suit on thinks "I've got the magic stick."

    70. Neo says:

      Magic Halloween.

    71. casey says:

      How do we turn this thing on??!!

    72. can you spot the hatless horseman?

      pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

    73. Jen C. says:

      "Ugh. We should've sprung for some sandpaper and seat cushions."

    74. Chardae says:

      Forget the Yellow Brick Road I'm fine right here

    75. Kristy says:

      I'm not sober enough for this…ps who invited the douche

    76. Kit says:

      Girl in blue not looking at the camera: This isn't Abbey Road…

    77. alaina says:

      First guy: This is great guys, right?
      Blue Girl: I kind of feel like the third wheel.

    78. kim says:

      these boys asked if we wanted to ride their broomsticks… little did they know we had our own😉

    79. Ari says:

      Girl in blue: I cant believe this hipsters grinding against me….
      Guy in front: hahahaa…

    80. Madi says:

      *Hocus Pocus* Broom stick gang bang

    81. Catherine says:

      Hello, witches, want to see my wand?

    82. Kate says:

      Side effect of an acid flying trip: Actually believing broomsticks can fly.

    83. Rebecca says:

      2 Girls, 2 Guys, 2 Broomsticks….and a blow-up doll?

    84. Cathy says:

      Girl in Blue: …Guys! Guys, stop posing! There's a mist coming our way. WE'RE MELTING!

    85. Elizabeth Roberts says:

      Man, I’ve NEVER had this kinda luck hitch hiking!!

    86. Jennifer says:

      Witchhiker's guide to the cemetery.

    87. michaela says:

      harry potter gave them great expectations

    88. emily says:

      Halloween '11 : Heading to Hogwarts

    89. Marian says:

      Off to get our witches' brew… BE RIGHT BACK!

    90. imnotalexy says:

      Harry Potter made it look so easy…

    91. Snewy says:

      Time for the Halloween pub sweep!

    92. If you point that thing at me and say "Alohomora" one more time, I'm going to go all Sectumsempra on you.

    93. alyssa m says:

      who said that only kids could dress up for halloween

    94. Liz says:

      Hey man, we better turn these brooms this way if we are ever gonna get home from this party!

    95. eLIZABETH says:


    96. Elizabeth says:

      Best Halloween EVER! Wait, who is that chick in the blue dress? Does she know these brooms don't actually fly???

    97. Kelly says:

      Next year, I'm splurging on the flying carpet.

    98. Megan H. says:

      You can ride my room any day, baby!

    99. J. Money says:

      "Which way to the gym?"

      1. J. Money says:

        Oops. meant "WITCH way to the gym?" haha… #FAIL

    100. MommaStar says:

      Meet the NEW and IMPROVE Harry Potter and friends + some. They were tired of sharing Hermione.

    101. annie says:

      On Halloween, Steve and Johnny decided to carry broomsticks around campus. They knew witches wouldn’t be able to resist such a sweep ride.

    102. B-Rand says:

      Flying: You're doing it wrong.

    103. Stick says:

      Is that a broom in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    104. "They give these out just for signing up to Occupy Wall Street."

    105. Ashley says:

      5 Jello shots later, we got the girls to believe that by wearing witches hats, the broomsticks would actually fly.

    106. @Indrema says:

      Is this how douchebags play darts? Oh well, at least the two women on the right are learning what income equality looks like in the real world.

    107. Jan says:

      Somebody looks like an UN-lucky Pierre!

    108. Iz9000 says:

      Whisked away. Otherworldly. SPOOF.

    109. Kendra says:

      Of course it's a fixed gear broomstick!

    110. abs magee says:

      So…you guys wanna see something really fly?

    111. @abitnerdy says:

      witchy sandwich, hipsters aboard, next stop, Salem central!

    112. Nick says:

      Whoever said, "There's Always Broom For One More!" was clearly mistaken.

    113. Ahsan Raja says:

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