The Weekly Ten: My Hipster Halloween

I’m a Hipster. I fully admit it.  The fact that I’ve said “I was hipster before hipster was cool” scares me a little. During Halloween my full monty of a hipster comes out. You see, dressing up as a slutty fire fighter isn’t my idea of an epic Halloween costume, going as Helga G Pataki is. Unless the slutty fire fighter is to be ironic…then I mean, it fits. But in general, I’m not really one for buying a costume, I like to let the creative juices flow. Although usually that ends with a last-minute scramble for something that could resemble some sort of costume, ie: buying shiny leggings and a big sweatshirt for a last-minute ’80s aerobic instructor. Or the year before, when I wore a black hat and calling myself a witch. High school was by far the glory days of my Halloween yearbook.

My original plan, for this year, was to be Ruth from “Hey Arnold.” It fits my obscure rule: The more times I can scoff and say “What, you don’t know who I am?” the better. And when I find someone who does know who I am…well, we become best friends for the night. Then I found a pretty dress so I’m being a fairy…I know. So as inspiration for the rest of you go-all-outters for Halloween here are my ten favorite dorky-hipster-internet themed costumes.

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