Ask A Roommate: Bills, Bills, Bills!

No one likes being the roommate who has to chase after everyone for money to pay the electric, cable and water bills. Even worse, no one likes being the person being chased after for these things. I mean, sheesh, don’t they know I just bought an amazing pair of heels!? There’s no time (or money) for taking care of trivial utility bills!

But alas, some things are inevitable: death, taxes, freshman year 8am classes. In light of this depressing fact, it’s best to have an organized bill-paying system in place at your apartment. Luckily, in this week’s Ask a Roommate, Marysa throws out some fabulous tips for keeping everyone prompt with their payment and keeping your lights, cable and water on.



    1. Ahsan Raja says:

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    3. Maura - Rider University says:

      Luckily I'm in a dorm so I don't have to worry about this, but I would set up a plan before even moving in so things didnt get awkward. I would even draw up a contract, like agree to evenly split everything and have the money ready by a certain date every month. Then there isn't any "Im gonna be short on rent this month…" or that BS. It can be unfair to a sympathetic roommate.

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