Scary Sex Toys That Will Make You Extremely Uncomfortable

To forewarn you, I am by no means a sex toy sexpert. But even with my unprofessional eyes I can identify when something is just not right. I know everyone has different tastes and preferences and I’m not here to judge, (unless you’re wearing sweats in public…haha just kidding…not really…too soon?), but below are ten extremely questionable sex toys that violated my eyes– so I can’t imagine what they’d do you to your hooha.



    1. Heidi - Bridgewater State says:

      Is that really SUPPOSED to be Baby Jesus? I mean, it could really be ANY baby… actually, wait.. That would make it even more disturbing.. >.>

      Hilarious post. =P

    2. PrettyinPink says:

      What bothers me the most about this post is you are insulting people who have certain fetishes. You say "I know everyone has different tastes and preferences and I’m not here to judge…but below are ten extremely questionable sex toys that violated my eyes." Really now? Everyone should be open to exploring their kinky side and by saying that certain fetish toys are questionable in you eyes makes me think that you are completely stuck up. Some of them are odd to me too but that isn't my cup of tea but I am not about to say that those toys violate my eyes.

      Foot fetishes are very common. I am not saying I have one at all but by saying "This is by far the most offensive. Feet make me extremely uncomfortable in the everyday life (it's taken years of therapy to feel comfortable with a pedicurist) and now I see this. Back to therapy I go." I understand you are partially kidding about the therapy part (at least I hope) but to say that is extremely offensive is offensive to everyone who has that fetish.

      I think you need to grow up a bit before you start judging someone else by their fetish, even though you claim not too. If you really are this immature about other peoples fetishes you shouldn't be having sex. There is nothing wrong to have a fetish. So get off your high horse and go explore some.

      1. R says:

        Dear Sir / Ma'am, I think you need to grow up a bit before you start judging someone else by their opinion on other people's fetishes. Oh no! But now I am judging you, which makes me immature. I think that some of these objects are bizarre and downright strange, with all it's limitations, it's my opinion. And, I hope that exploring my kinky side will never require buying these strange objects, that would just be sort of sad.

      2. PrettyinPink says:

        My issue was that she was being overly dramatic about some of the things. Also, I don't like being judged, I apologize if that makes me immature. Yes some of these things are odd, but they are not my fetish, also i will not say that my eyes feel violated by seeing someone elses fetish. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but don't bash someone elses fetish because you aren't into it. Also, you never know what will end up turning you on. I would not suggest dismissing something because it seems too far fetched, because I can guarantee someone else has that fetish too. If exploring your fetish side does lead you to an odd toy or two, just go with it. The mind is a sick and twisted place, and that what makes it fun!

      3. Hank Panky says:

        Sorry but the person taking a sex toy article seriously enough to call the poster stuck up probably fell off their high horse as a child, I'll let you guess where they landed… not into vampire fleshlights does not equal stuck up, and "not saying I have one at all" is the definitely most convincing way to tell someone about the foot fetish you definitely don't have. Chill hun.

      4. PrettyinPink says:

        Last time i check, when someone even went near my feet during foreplay, I wasn't turned on at all. I am pretty sure I know my fetishes better than you ever will. I do have my fetishes but feet are not one of them but I am not disgusted by them either. I also have no need for a vampire fleshlight due to the fact that I am a female, though it would be fun to say that I have a vampire fleshlight….
        I understand that she was partially having fun with this article, but she was serious about some parts. Fetishes are a normal part of sexuality. And by bashing a certain fetishes it makes people feel like they are not normal. Sexuality should be embraced not shamed, especially the "weird" fetishes.

      5. PrettyinPink says:

        And I really don't mean to sound bitchy, just defensive. Sometimes it is hard to decipher tone via comment. My apologies if I came across as a complete stuck up bitch, that wasn't my intention. I just am passionate about what I stand for. It more upset me that she was calling toys offensive and weird when people use them to get off then anything. That's all.

    3. Amanda says:

      You forgot one…the president obama vibrator! "he f-ed our economy and now you can f him back" says the ad. lolll

      1. Madeleine - Suffolk says:

        IS THAT A REAL THING?!?!

      2. Its actually a dildo. Not familiar with an Obama vibrator.

      3. whyaskwhy says:

        Now I'm curious as to how you say obama f-ed an economy that was f-ed when he became prez

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    6. intrepidtraveller says:

      Yikes they all freak me out…the foot fetish one is pretty hilarious and the baby jesus butt plug…wrong, so so wrong.:)

    7. Ricki says:

      Why oh why would you want an inflatable butt plug??? I'm in pain thinking about it

    8. Simon Jester says:

      I believe I can top all of these –

    9. Ahsan Raja says:

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    11. The metal butt plug falls into the category of dont knock it til you try it –
      Temperature play is invigorating!

      What about the Fleshlight Freaks? –

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    14. Gerald says:

      Slightly worse than the foot fetish:

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