True Life: I’m The Ugly Sister

Ever hear the story of the ugly duckling? No? Let me refresh you then. The Ugly Duckling is quite simple a story about an ugly duck. Nobody wanted the ugly duck. Not the mother, not the brothers, not the other birds, not even the gross geese. So the poor ugly duckling ran away from his home to live by himself. At the pond where he made his new home, he would longingly stare at the swans, wishing he could look as majestic and beautiful as them. Until one day, after spending months in a chicken coop and then escaping almost being cooked alive, he returned to the pond and saw his reflection. He was finally beautiful. He was a swan… What a bunch of bull s***.

This, not Cinderella, not Snow White, not Sleeping Beauty, ruined my childhood. You don’t go from being ugly to beautiful. Trust me I know. I’ve tried my whole life. And what’s this? His mother AND brothers shun him. Now that is the life I want. My family tries to cheer me up. I have three sisters and each one is more gorgeous than the next with their shiny locks and long legs. Here I am, frizzy and stout. Winner.

People don’t believe me when I tell them they are my sisters. They try to cover it up by saying “oh… well, you know, your hair is different.. it’s lighter. Yes, lighter!” WRONG. We have the exact same color. Theirs hair is just smooth and glossy. Better yet, “It  must be the different body types. That always throws people off. Your sisters they’re more…lean. Toned. You have an athletic body type. I totally want your body.” Athletic? To be athletic that implies I am an athlete. Well, I guess hot dog eating champions are athletes. So yes, my short, thick-set body is quite athletic. Much better than lean and toned…

At least I have my personality to make up for what I lack. People always laugh at me when I tell jokes. People always want to drink with me. People always want to be friends with me and my friends. Aw hell. Who am I kidding? It’s time to give it up and call it like it is. For all of you ugly ducklings siblings out there, say it loud and say it proud: TRUE LIFE: I’M THE UGLY SISTER.

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    1. liz says:

      Seriously, you wrote an article about being ugly? Get over it. I thought this article would have a point, but all you did was complain. It doesn't sound like you have a nice personality, you sound like a bitter bitch.

      1. Kelly says:

        I think the bitter bitch is you. Your comment was useless. Seriously? At least be constructive criticism.

      2. Lisa says:

        I agree

      3. Lisa says:

        She is not even that ugly, just bitter (check out her fotos)

      4. David says:

        actually i think shes fucking hot. and she's funny. you girls need to fucking chill

      5. the hot sister says:

        Honestly, you sound like a nut job. The article is not suppose to be taken seriously. Did you literally judge someone based on a piece of creating writing? I think you should focus on your own personality.

    2. Lisa says:

      I agree with liz.. I might be the less pretty sister, but there will always be girls more beautyfull than you.
      Plus are you saying that pretty girls has no personalities. Thats a lie, you are just scared of them (i am) or you are jalous.
      I have been in your shoes and come to agree with it. I have a lot of beutyfull friends, and at times I feel really ugly, especially when they turn out bitching like you would expect and fear from the pretty but mean girls. But what I have learned is that the ones who are bitching, are really insecure. They do not know who they are if they are not the pretty one, like I put a lot of self confidence in being the smart one. Its a lot of pressure. Do only what you enjoy.
      I have learned that life is better when you try things you expect to fail, and continue with the ones you enjoy. So if you want to be the prett girl, flatten your hair and put on makeup, if you want to be more athletic join a team and if its not for you, then stop doing it, and dont be bitchy about beuty queens and athletes.

    3. Lisa says:

      plus the ugly duckling story is not at all like the one you described. It is a story about being an underdog in general and succeeding. It is about H. C. Anderson, and if you learn a bit about him, you will know that he was a working class hero, but also a bitter man who died alone.

    4. Sev says:

      You are so much more than your looks, and so are your sisters.

    5. Mags says:

      Not only is this only complaining, but it is insulting to people with frizzy hair and with short legs. I have short legs and my boyfriends runs his hands along and then look at me with big eyes and said "I LOVE your legs." Most of my compliments are on my legs. I also have frizzy(ish) hair and people tell me they like it. You need to rock what you've got more.

    6. Sophie says:

      I am also the "ugly sister" and I try to get past it, but it is always in my head. It affects how I live my life & I hate it….

    7. Cee Cee says:

      whoa everyone needs to chill. i'm pretty sure this whole article is a joke, not intended to be taken seriously.. everyone needs to relax and get over themselves

    8. nana says:

      hahaha i'm not only the ugly sister..also the ugly friend,ugly cousin..psssh

    9. Collagen says:

      Hello, was very good to find your page. Thank you for the really good information!

    10. Rosie says:

      I'M THE UGLY SISTER! Finally said it loud and proud. At least I'm "cute" to make up for it.

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