Real Jobs You’re Qualified For Thanks To An English Degree

It is very well known that English majors get a lot of flack. So much so, that many English majors have lost all pride in their academic choice and are pretty defensive about it. From one writer to another, that kind of ‘tude will only limit you.

So to lift your spirits and remind you how great it is to be an English major; here are some great jobs you can have with an English degrees and famous friends who all have found great success with theirs!



    1. Samantha says:

      Be aware that some of these careers require more than just an English degree. While having a degree in English is a great foundation, a position like a librarian requires further education. In order to work as a librarian you usually have to have a masters degree in library science.

    2. Ely says:

      I'm not an English major, but am a librarian-in-training (so I totally agree with the comment above). Though, lots of my classmates are–I swear they are the most awesome, book-loving people you'll ever meet! Just a word of caution: definitely brush up on your computer skills if you're heading to library school. :)

    3. Robyn says:

      For publishing I would think you might want English with a minor in Business, and dabbling in things like graphic design and such.

    4. That Girl says:

      Yeah you definitely don;t need an English degree to be a librarian, but you do need a Masters in Library Science. Otherwise you can't get a job as one anywhere.

      Also, to be a teachers you usually have to have a bachelors or masters in eduation. You can't just teahc with an Englush degree.

    5. Adrianna says:

      Thank you so much for posting this! It is crazy awesome timing because I just changed my major to English and was beginning to freak about my future. Maybe i don't need to freak so much.:)

    6. Ned says:

      This should go for all liberal arts majors. You don't have to get a job in your major. I hate when people are like what you are going to be? A philosopher??

    7. danyelleelise says:

      Library science is also a lot harder than English, you aspiring librarians out there. English majors and librarians both love to read, but like Ely says — you need a lot of technology skills. A computer science degree is probably better than an English if you're headed into the library for your graduate program. Library school is hard!! I miss my English lit classes and my undergrad a lot.

    8. Kylie - Vermont says:

      I had no clue that English majors caught a lot of flack. I would have thought it would be a communications major or something. I definitely agree that you don't have to do anything in your major (after all, you're not married to it) but it's awesome to see fellow English majors kickin' butt!

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    10. Jennifer says:

      Thats a nice list of jobs. I currently work as a English teacher in Berlin and can confirm, that this is very popular here.

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