Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Emma Roberts is Fierce and Festive

Emma Roberts continues to dazzle red carpets with her fierce, youthful, vibrant, dynamic style. I’m not sure what she’s promoting or who’s inviting her to things, but whatever. She’s pretty and at least has talent, which is more than a lot of other celebrities can say (love ya, Kardashians!).

I was completely enamored with Emma’s dress the moment I laid eyes on it. Such a great, rich, autumnal color, and the sequins add delightful pizazz. Opaque black tights neutralize some of the shimmer, while sky high stilettos add some glam sex appeal. Emma chose minimal accessories — a glittery jeweled bracelet adds some glitz without being too overpowering. This is a fabulous look for any kind of formal holiday party you have coming up in the next few months.

copper dress – 6pm, $49.99// black tights – Figleaves, $9.60//black stilettos – Alloy, $39.90//jeweled bracelet – Macy’s, $25.00



  1. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

    She's turning into quite the fashionista

  2. Katie says:

    She looks like she's ready for holiday party…so a little early for this outfit, right?

    1. Jasmine - Northern Arizona University says:

      It is a little early, but I have friends who are already freaking out about holiday party season. And November does start next week, so I don't think it's too inappropriate.

  3. Kylie - Vermont says:

    I don't love her outfit, but I don't hate it, either… I like her copper dress, though. You don't see many stars sporting that color.

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