The Stupidest Horror Movies Ever

I saw Paranormal Activity 3 last weekend, and I loved/hated it. I hated how sweaty my hands got, but I loved how suspenseful it was. But some horror movies are not so good. These are horrors I will not be watching to get into the Halloween spirit, and you probably shouldn’t either.



    1. Hobgoblins looks adorable! I have to agree though, Prom Night was terrible. It was the first (and hopefully last) time I've ever walked out on a movie. Overall though, most of those look terrible (Driller Killer? Seriously?)

    2. Molly - UNL says:

      I liked how predictable and cheesy Prom Night was, but Human Centipede, that movie is seriously disturbing.

    3. nessa says:

      HAHA I've seen The Human Centipede. It is awful. Its not 100% medically accurate. And the whole time my friends and I were asking ourselves "Why can't we turn this off?!?!?" Don't Watch it. lmao

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    5. Katelyn says:

      I think ThanksKilling looks the best!! Like WTF? Really…who thought that was a good idea??

    6. Erica says:

      Lol have you ever heard of "Rubber"? It's about a killer TIRE. A literal car tire.

      They're also making a Human Centipede 2. Great use of money there.

    7. Clive Owen says:

      Very funny, thnx for post

    8. PirateChick3991 says:

      some of these i liked. My Super Psycho Sweet 16 (they got the rich girl just right!) , Thankskilling ( was kinda stupid but i like stupid horrorsđŸ˜› ) and Prom Night (although the original with Jamie Lee Curtis is better).

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