15 Celebrities Getting Wasted [Photos]

I go out a lot, but when I’m leaving a club, I try not to stumble out and let the world know that I’m eat-a-whole-pizza-by-myself drunk. I don’t think celebrities care about that. I think celebrities care about having fun with other beautiful celebs, and not about the pictures that are going to be all over TMZ in the morning. Even though they can’t detag like we can…

So let’s indulge together in these celebs’ drunken shame.



    1. Kylie - Vermont says:

      I especially love the one of LiLo. It's how I feel every time I go out.

    2. Martina says:

      Is the guy on the left in the Olsen's picture Spencer Pratt?

    3. Teresa says:

      Don't we all kinda feel like Hasselhoff sometimes? Especially the times when we're shoving late night food in our faces?

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    5. esks says:

      god, they're so creepy in normal life

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