Just the Tips: 29 Sex Tips from 29 Sexperts

Check out our newer feature 29 MORE Sex Tips From Sexperts! 

Sex Ed is, sadly, often lacking in the useful tips department. Or rather, scratch that — the whole condom on the banana, this is what herpes looks like, now let’s watch The Breakfast Club and learn about stereotypes bit was helpful. But you know what I mean. No one ever gave me a proper lesson on useful sex tips. No one wants to be the girl who walks around until she’s 19 believing that Cosmo’s “How to Blow His Mind in 2,596 Simple Steps” is reading to swear by. (Ahem. Just sayin’.) Here at CollegeCandy, we felt we probably weren’t the only ones wishing for some more solid advice.

That’s why we’ve reached out to the country’s leading sexperts to get their sex tips exclusively for you!


Check out our newer feature 29 MORE Sex Tips From Sexperts! 



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    4. The Rabbit says:

      The perfect rhythm and timing is indeed the key to enjoyable oral sex. If you know when and how to move then you can ensure a long lasting relationship:)

      Nice article though. Keep it up!

      1. Sarah says:

        I read so much about oral sex, I hate the thought of doing oral to a guy, it seems disgusting.

    5. Adult Toys says:

      Like the tips – I must bookmark some of these and use them with the wife! She'll be resistant but … as they say in deep space … resistance is futile … lol

      1. Sex Bullshit says: here are some tips. Have her read and check them out. I will be posting about the head very shortly.

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    9. […] in the field to create a super helpful (and practical) sex guide they’re cheekily calling: Just the Tips: 29 Sex Tips from 29 Sexperts. And guess who popped up on this list? […]

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    11. tip number 17 " put your finger near his butt" So not true. Ive had many girls try this on my and it just doesn't fly. Don't try it unless he asks girls, it can be a very big turn off depending on the guy

      1. Sex Bullshit says:

        Actually start with the hand, then squeeze tight. You slowly moving towards your a**. You just don't jump right in, and say he is my finger. Granted the male's G-Spot is located, in the last place most girls are willing to go. So be thankful for the girls who are. Its all about slowly working towards that. Trust me after 8 months finally have someone who has broken that window, where in the beg doggy was a lot. lol I am posting about oral, but I will make sure to do one about the butt, and have others, who have comment that were nervous and what changed.

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    13. […] Almost 30 sex tips from almost 30 sexperts. -College Candy […]

    14. […] out the list for yourself and see where you can “improve” […]

    15. johno says:

      Tip 14…SO not true!!! Lol.

    16. TheWrangler says:

      *flips out notebook* very…. educational….. *scribble*

    17. Fresnel LIndor says:

      Your article is very informative, though funny at time, which might explain some hilarious comments!
      By the way, my name is Fresnel Lindor. I just published a novel on Amazon entitled TEARFUL IS THE DREAM. It's a heart-wrenching tale of passion, sex, crime, greed, and redemption. You can check it out on Amazon and leave your comments. You'll love it!

    18. cjk says:

      Besides being shocked, shocked at how heterosexist this piece is, you left out one tip that makes a world of difference. Ladies, get fit. Nothing makes your d*ck/cl*t shrink faster than trying to get it on with a limp, flabby, lazy girl. Take a walk, play some tennis or anything to get a little muscle tone. A strong grip is sexy as HELL!

    19. trololol says:

      JESUS CHRIST! Some of these chicks that are giving the advice are so ugly, it's a wonder they're allowed to give sex advice cuz its doubtful they did (especially legally) lol

    20. trololol says:

      bullshit, whale #17. Im guessing you turned a lot of guys gay or they were already gay and thought you were a man trololol

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    22. glen p says:

      All the '' sex tips '' r full crap, do any of these people ever have sex??????

    23. Maura - Rider University says:

      Interesting tips…

    24. allen says:

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    25. bones says:

      14 + 17 remind me of Cosmo sex tips in all the wrong ways. They are subjective bedroom tricks based on personal preference that won't work on every guy. Well, 17 is. 14 just sounds painful. A lot of guys are sensitive after coming and squeezing him with your vagina will neither make him come again or make him want to have sex again.

    26. Sex Bullshit says:

      Oh my GOD, Amelia is not an expert. Just by the simple fact she dislikes giving head!!! She feels the need to entertain herself, and stated "there's a dick in my mouth." How can Amelia give advice if she hates giving head? She hates giving head, and will try at anything to avoid the situation. She teethes and if the guy cums faster than she thought, she is like "oh thank god. my poor jaw." She gets madder the longer it takes and it SEX BS, because to be considered a expert, on what, giving and not enjoying giving head. Just because of Amelia's crap statement, I will be putting up a new post. In memory of Amelia the bad header!! come see at

    27. Sex Bullshit says:

      Post is posted… Amelia called out…

    28. kerry says:

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    29. Emjay says:

      Awesome tips! I especially like the one about asking him to masturbate for you. Can't wait to try it out!

    30. Rudy Tidwell says:

      My wife and I developed what felt best and satisified the two of us enormoiusly, and we didn't have to perform sexual gymnastices to achieve it! We didn't by any mans stay teh the missionary position but found was to make love that so metimes startled and amazed eachof us. When the initial fasciination with one another slowed down, we really got into different positions and other very pleasurable situations that ju about knocked us unconscious with pleasure! Playing around with diffferent partners is not the best sex, but expoloring the best with yor one partner for life. I did the play around until I met and married my beautiful virgin wife who said it was in marriage,. not before and not out of it! After 55 plus years we are still excited, although not as often as when we were young. After all, it is not the quantity and variety , but the quality of it with the one youi ahve chosen for lifef!.

    31. Gracie says:

      Why not call London Glamour. You'll get more than the tips that you want. Just saying..:)

    32. shel says:

      Vibrators are the bomb!

    33. Shabalala dhal says:

      Sex tips…..evolution oils are best used 2 go around her.

    34. Joyce says:

      geezzz…vibrators? really? how is that 'sex' – its SELF pleasure NOT sex, as in with a partner! OF COURSE we all like SELF pleasure because we dont have to DO or GIVE attention or work towards anything but ourselves!

    35. tkb says:

      Virbrators can used during sex……oh the limited minds

    36. hoacomay says:

      let’s be exact about the rules of this “game and iwin.” We’re considering the quality of the FCC’s decisions in spectrum management only from an engineering point of view, that of the traditional “best engineering practice” stricture. The criterion is “What should/would/could have been done, or not done, in a particular instance if the “best engineering practices” were the only basis for decisions?”

    37. Moustafa says:

      This is really fansaciting, You are a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed for Nifty tips and sit up for in search of extra of your excellent post. Additionally, I’ve shared your site in my social networks as for getting more nifty tips and share tips.

    38. Awesome tips! I especially like the one about asking him to masturbate for you. Can't wait to try it out!

    39. These are tons of tips and advice. Surely this is enough to make my women sexually happy.

    40. Virbrators can used during sex……oh the limited minds

    41. Sex tips…..evolution oils are best used 2 go around her.

    42. Can I simply say what a aid to search out someone who actually knows what theyre speaking about on the internet. You undoubtedly know how you can convey an issue to light and make it important. More folks have to learn this and perceive this side of the story. I cant imagine youre not more widespread since you positively have the gift.

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