Dude’s List: 11 Ways He Says “I Love You”

It’s no secret that some guys have a little bit of a tough time saying those three little words. Sometimes the way we show our affection doesn’t exactly compute as to how you think we should or how you want us to show it. And we’ve all dealt with messes that that kind of misreading of signals can lead to. Why can’t more guys just say it and mean it and it be done with? That’s another Dude’s List for another time. Today, I want to let you in on some of the ways he can say “I love you” without actually having to say, well, you know…

There you have it, ladies. 11 ways men say “I love you” without actually having to say, you know, it. We tend to show more than tell. Actions over words, as the cliché goes. Although, it’s kind of hard not to feel like the whole idea of saying “I love you” isn’t a little cliché in and of itself. Cliché in a good way though. One of the things a lot of guys don’t understand, hell, let’s just say people, is that speaking is an action. Revealing is an action. Confessing is an action. Giving is an action. And there’s no greater gift that finding a way to give love, nos matter how you might do that.

I love you,

The Dude



    1. Jessica Zaleski - University of Florida says:

      This is hilarious. I love these lists.

    2. Tari says:

      #11 is so key! Great list, as always!

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    6. ceejay90 says:

      I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post.

    7. Joyce says:

      #5: he has always been the one making the status changes.

      #8: makes me feel a bit insulted because I had made money as an escort (minus the hj, bj, fs, etc)…and I still make some extra cash by doing that (yes, hubby acts like bodyguard).

      #9: all the time when we do groceries.

      #10 and #11: it was last wednesday.

      1. Joyce says:

        I forgot #3: if we go to a club/concert, etc. he has no problem kissing me in front of everyone for more than 45 seconds.

        #1, #2, #4, and #6: do not apply to us.

      2. Ellie says:

        … cool story?

    8. Maura - Rider University says:

      These are very true! I guess whatever guy watches Say Yes To The Dress with me is a real keeper

    9. kerry says:

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    10. tyracutie1 says:

      That was so stupid !!!!!!

    11. misty mcclure says:

      i know my man loves me, but hes too controling. does that mean he honestly loves me?

      1. mardan says:

        i am in the same situation, and he loves you and don't know how to tell you the things he doesn't like so the only way he can be secure is by controlling you, so its all about security not love.

    12. kelechi says:

      i dont really knows f he truly loves me couse he is acting weired

    13. beep says:

      this was not a serious article/ slide – it was funny to read though..

    14. Arjan says:

      As a guy, I'm pretty sure this is just a joke list. There's a small amount of truth in SOME of them, but this really doesn't help in letting you know if a guy is in love with you.

    15. stan says:

      The way I'd show love to my wife is having a mechanical mouse cruise past her (freaking her out), or a rubber spider next to her as she wakes up and screams (lol). Yeah, I'm wierd, but hey, what can I say.

    16. Yasoon_Jason says:

      Ahaha, I fricken loved this list. And all quite true :p.

    17. rebecakasak says:

      I only date healthy kind men who treat me with respect. I don't have to treat them badly to know they adore me! That's right! I only date men who adore me, celebrate me and empower me! I do the same for them.

    18. QUEEN says:


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