Turtleneck or Crew Neck: The Celebrity Circumcision Game

There has been a bit of discussion recently among our writers over whether or not our favorite celebrity dudes are circumcised or uncircumcised. Now, before you ignore the larger issue here and ask why the hell they’d talk about such a bizarre thing — just accept that they tend to let our minds wander and conversations drift from time to time.

Now, back to it. There are strong opinions when it comes to penis…uh…styles (can I say that? does it sound weird?). Imagine if you were one of those girls who was all like, “Gah! What is that? Pause while I WebMD this sitch” every time she came across an uncut dude. What would you do if your ultimate celeb crush came along, totally DTF, and he was sporting more than you bargained for? Would you tell him to move along? Or would you gamely explore foreign territory?

While we can’t coach you through the make-it or break-it moment, we can give you the dirt on who has an elephant trunk in their pants…and who doesn’t. Before we reveal the answers, though, see if you can guess what each of these men are working with…

Will Smith

Ryan Gosling

James Franco

John Mayer


Jon Hamm

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Macauley Culkin

Keanu Reeves


Anthony Weiner

Rob Lowe

Jonah Hill

Paul Walker

Zac Efron

Mario Lopez

Heath Ledger

Will Arnet

Ewan McGregor

Leonardo DiCaprio

Colin Farrell

Jason Segal

Charlie Sheen



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    6. This is funny as hell! lmao

    7. Ron Low says:

      The word uncircumcised is odd and kind of offensive.

      Would you say a woman with natural breasts is un-enlarged? That would carry connotations that having the boob job was the normal thing to do, that natural breasts were just foundering until such time as they can finally be corrected.

      The better term for a penis as nature made is intact or natural.

      1. Alonna says:

        Somebody is dick hurt….

      2. TLCTugger says:

        Somebody is humanity deficient.

      3. Hannah says:

        I don't think uncircumcised is negative. it's what it is, and more descriptive than 'intact' or 'natural'.

      4. Forensicgirl says:

        The problem, Hannah, is that the term "uncircumcised" implies that circumcised is the natural state of a penis (it is not) and that any intact penis will eventually be circumcised. Intact *is* the correct term.

      5. fielding says:

        I completely agree!

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    9. Brie says:

      I've seen this issue a few times in American TV and media – the funny thing is that in Europe (even in the UK) being circumcised is definitely unusual. It would certainly be assumed that you were Jewish or Muslim, as routine circumcision is generally thought to be unnecessary and (potentially) cruel.

    10. Crystal says:

      Does it bother anyone else that they chose a picture of Macauley Culkin when he was like… 8 years old for an article discussing his penis?

      1. Storm131 says:

        Yep, I thought the same.

    11. Sam says:

      I reckon this article is wrong. Colin Farrell is cut – I've seen his sex tape! But clicking above and below his pic it says he's uncircumcised.

      Also, regardless of whether "uncircumcised" gives unfair connotations, the article itself implies finding an uncut penis would be shocking and "more than you bargained for." What's the big deal? It's the way men are made.

      1. Donna says:

        You idiot, Collin is uncut, he talks about it in several interviews. And even shows people on request.

      2. Maria says:

        Donna, you are right, but let's try not to name call here. He looks cut in his sex tape because the skin is pulled back, so that may have confused some people. But yes, he has talked about being uncut many times, which is not a surprise since most guys from Ireland are.

      3. Ashley says:

        You have no idea what an intact man looks like. When he is erect you can not tell the difference. Colin is intact. You may need to educate yourself on the human body.

      4. Jim says:

        He IS uncut and is PROUD… see his erection and his glans is exposed

    12. Lexxus says:

      A logically valid argument Ron, whether the connotation is pos. or neg. is irrelevant. Funny topic btw, esp. seeing that probably 75% of the male world has not had this religious procedure performed on them (which is performed without consent…i never understood the ethics of that). But, then, this is AMURICA dammit, we do everything our own way. *sigh*

    13. The Luxe Heritage says:

      You have no idea how hard I prayed that James Franco was circumcised. i would be so disappointed if wasn't.

    14. Ak says:

      Whats bizarre is having to explain to ignorant people that strapping someone down against their will on a torture table and cutting their genitals (circumcising) is never a good idea, especially since it will damage theirs AND their partners sexual function and level of pleasure forever.
      These guys had parents with common sense, who did not let some sicko cut their childrens genitals.

    15. Courtney says:

      You can not visually see a difference in an intact male when erect… But boy you can feel the difference!! The best sex of my life was with an intact man! Cut men have NO idea what they are missing nor do most American woman! Intact men are thicker, better, have NO issues getting it up and can go on as long as you want. This girl will never marry another cut man!

      1. Jim says:

        I'm uncut and you CAAN see a difference, babe. It all depends on the amount of foreskin

    16. caitie says:

      Oh no! You mean some of the parents of these men didnt subject them to a cosmetic surgery (as stated by the AAP) that claims over 100 babies lives a year in the US and is usually done without adequate, if any, pain medication that is one of the leading causes of ED in men. It takes 5 seconds of research to educate yourself. No medical agency in the world reccomends circumcusion. Once you know better, you do better. Parents who know better do not mutilate their childrens genitals. I for one do not prefer my men cut, scarred and calloused. But then again those babies strapped to a tabke had no choice, its the parents of those babies who disgust me the most.

      1. A.J. says:

        Amen sister! I feel more sensuous when I'm with an uncircumcised guy. Although I got nothing against a cut guy either. Not their fault. But it'll snow in hell before I let some doctor cut up my child's precious flesh for no good reason.

    17. John says:

      Well you got it wrong with Heath Ledger. A picture speaks a thousand words; obviously a 'crew neck'

      1. Jim says:

        No John, he is uncut. He has a small, tight foreskin and it was exposed for the shoot

      2. Vanessa says:

        Wrong. He is uncut (intact). You can see his foreskin in those pictures, pulled back. He is playing an American in this movie so obviously tried to pull back his foreskin as much as he could to look cut.

      3. Timbill says:

        U had better take a closer look at Heath, he is obviously uncut!!

    18. Jim says:

      Being 'intact" and growing up here in the US I was subjected to a LOT of teasing by other kids and also (still) am uncomfortable when my male friends want to go skinny dipping in the hot tub. When women are around it makes me even more uncomfortable. I am 43 years old and all of my best friends are cut. I am happy that the trend is going towards uncircumcised. It all began with a stupid religious rite and a way to distinguish who's who and people don't realize how it affects each individual. Although I have great sex and a very "pretty dick" (when erect), I still see the looks on people's faces and the reactions. Because Americans are SO prudish to this day, there will always be stigma placed on this. Most pictures show cut men. Even in school I had to learn of why boys should be circumcised. Guessed almost all o these correctly, BTW

      1. Laura says:

        I just wanted to commend you on not being ashamed. You rock.

    19. Storm131 says:

      I find it especially bizarre that pro-circumcison people use the argument of hygiene to support their stance. How anyone can justify surgically modifying the way a boy is born over teaching him to wash properly is beyond me. As for aesthetics, is a flaccid cut penis all that much more attractive than a flaccid uncut one? Neither look all that attractive but quite frankly a bit of excess wrinkly skin is better than unsightly scarring.

    20. ZANPAKUTOU says:

      Wow!!! Let me tell u. 26 years old & I went to get circumcised. To the guys thinking of doing it, think twice. I had to cut mine because when erected, my foreskin couldn’t go over my head. If I hadn’t done it. It wouldv eventually do scarring & tearing. Laying on that bed while they were performing. It went ok. No pain. But when u get home, when the aenesthetic worked out, I was in my Glory (pain). But hey. I’m a Virgin again

    21. mick says:

      Dave Annable seems to be cut !

    22. mick says:

      Eurpeans and Latin Americans are not circumcised,and their HIV-AIDS rate is lower than in the US where most males are cut! in other countries only Jews and Muslims are cut for religios reasons

    23. A.J. says:

      I got most of them right by guessing the guys who seem more hypersexual or large egos have foreskin and the guys who seem more subdued/down to earth have no foreskin. I wonder if early development castration has any effect on the personality..

    24. Intactivist says:

      Glad to see so many good looking men were left whole! Hopefully their children were left intact too!:)

    25. Educated says:

      Lol, such ignorance. Heath Ledger is NOT circed! You can tell from the picture, clearly!!! Also the one talking about the dirty film they saw Colin in, if he was arroused of course he looked circed. Bit of info for you, when whole men are arroused they look the same as a man who has been cut. Look it up and do some research. Colin has stated many times he ins't circed and that he thinks it's a horrific procedure. Look that up too.

    26. Melonie says:

      Only 35 percent of boys now are circ'd in the U.S. and thank God that number continues to fall!!! It's mutilitation.

    27. matt says:

      Colin farrel is uncut! You can see his penis and balls at the same time in film "Alexander"!

    28. matt says:

      Dave Annable is certainly cireced.But is he , really?

    29. pennyboy says:

      All males are born with turtlenecks and should stay that way.Nature doesn't make mistakes.Circumcision should only be done for medical reasons,real reasons not the"maybe this might prevent something"reasons many people come up with.Traditional social customs or old religious rituals are no excuse either.

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