10 Best Places To Hook Up This Thanksgiving Break

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving break can be particularly stressful. A lot of questions arise. Will I gain the freshmen 15 in the one meal? Will the girls from high school that I hated think I’m cool now? Is this assignment really due at midnight on Thursday or does my professor have a really warped sense of humor?

Regardless, a great stress reliever for all these woes is hooking up.

So either invite your boyfriend down for the holidays, patch things up with your high school ex or find your old friend with benefits phone number, and releieve some stress. With your anxiety levels in mind, below are 10 great places to relive that stress over this Thanksgiving break. Got anymore ideas? Please share!

Aren’t you thankful for CollegeCandy?



    1. wow says:

      most of the writers here at college candy seem like sluts

    2. guest says:

      relive some stress? really?

    3. guest says:

      like who proofreads these articles?

    4. guest says:

      Disgusting slut.

    5. Jasmine says:

      Is that all you college girls do is hook up? Seriously. What are virgins like me doing for relieving some stress? We're spending time with family and chilling out, not spreading our legs.

    6. […] CollegeCandy: The 10 best places to hook up at home this Thanksgiving. […]

    7. Aaliyah says:

      Look at her picture LOL! She looks like a tramp. She looks like she doesnt even fit in, she tries hard.

    8. […] 10 Best Places To Hook Up In At Home This Thanksgiving Break ( Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted in Funny Stuff and tagged Batman, beheaded, carcass., Columbus Day, Express, fowl, goofy, Gratitude, Happy Thanksgiving, History, Holidays, prosperity, ravaging, Some Ecards, Thanksgiving, turkey. Bookmark the permalink. ← ¿ɹoɟ ןnɟʞuɐɥʇ noʎ ǝɹɐ ʇɐɥʍ ‘os […]

    9. Kim says:

      Don't be rude, if you didn't like the article, you should of exit the page a while ago. If it didn't help you, you should move on. Did writing a disrespectful comment about the girl who wrote it make you feel good? She's human just like you!

    10. Katie says:

      This article is disgusting! The only reason I clicked on it, was to see if it was some sick joke. Obviously not. I don’t know who is in charge of these articles, but she/he must be a warped, along with the author. Seriously? Stress relief? More like a slut trying to make it acceptable to be a slut. After this article, I’m seriously considering just dumping this site and finding another college blog. Absolutely disgusting!! =/

    11. Maura - Rider University says:

      Enough with the hateful comments, guys. It's just for fun!

      Spend the holidays as you wish; hooking up with a high school ex or spend time with family. Whatever floats your boat!

    12. mc2147 says:

      All you people calling her a slut need to take a look at yourselves. You're just arrogant, presumptuous pricks trying to feel superior by regurgitating senseless standards society has ingrained in you.

      What does the term 'slut' even mean? It's an attempt to insult through the implication that there is something wrong with casual sex, a claim that sex is anything more than a biological process that brings physical pleasure. It isn't. I don't care what kind of elitist views you hold. You can keep trying to attach some kind of spiritual property to physical reproduction in order to feel more significant as a human being, but if you choose to deceive yourself in such a way, don't enforce your lie on others.

      Trying to gain moral high ground by acting in a way that is utterly sinful and cruel, tsk tsk tsk. Disgusting hypocrites.

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