The Weekly Ten: When Reality TV Was Amazing

Oh reality TV, how you have gotten me through many a rough patch in my life, many a break up, many a late night binge fest…really any low point in my life. I’ve been with you since the first Real World appeared on MTV, to the horrible escapades of a young Jessica Simpson, I’ve seen it all.

However, in the last year or two you’ve taken a turn for the worst. For instance, how could you let the regular fame hungry people who star in your shows rub elbows with Justin Timberlake…I’m sorry but that just isn’t right. Not one bit.

In hopes to rekindle my love with you, I’ve prepared a list of my favorite old shows, some of which are still on the air. Let us please forget the mistake of letting the Kardashians’¬†have ten shows, seeing Jon get hair plugs and giving people who spray tan daily their own show.



    1. princessmahina says:

      I didn't like Laguna Beach (thought it was boring), but I LOVED The Hills. LC is the best(:

      I have to admit that I really like non-trashy reality shows though- like 19 kids and counting, sister wives, etc.

    2. Ceci says:

      OMG I totally forgot about Temptation Island, the epitome of trashy!

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    4. Julie says:

      One of the reality shows I miss the most is The Mole. Not only was it hosted by the fabulous Anderson Cooper (not including its lackluster comeback season), it was fun to play along with and the contestants' paranoia was fun to watch.

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    6. Maura - Rider University says:

      Laguna beaaaach. They made me so jealous that I wasn't born a blonde rich kid in Cali. Now that I see the old advertisement, I realize how shrimpy those kids looked. I'm glad my biggest concerns weren't what color dress Kristin wore to my party in high school.

      And the Swan? I never saw it, but that sounds so sad and devastating to self-esteems everywhere.

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