The 8 Holiday-Themed Parties You’ll Go to in December

Who doesn’t love a good college party? In fact many argue the best partying of one’s life occurs during their college years. Now with the holiday season fully in gear, parties just got a whole lot more exciting due to the the mandatory Christmas themes applied to your average Saturday night now through New Years. Even if you just want to get a drink with a friend and judge some drunk people, unless you’re wearing a Santa hat you’re not welcome. Instead of resenting these holidays themes, dare to embrace and attend soirees that tell you to dress like a pimp or a ho, ho, ho!

Just kidding, don’t go to that party. That sounds like a lazy, degrading pun. But if someone invites you to one, or all, of these eight parties: then I suggest you spike some egg nog and go!



    1. Lexi says:

      Its not called a faux snow Its called a foam party.

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    3. Maura - Rider University says:

      Ugly sweater party all the way! Any party that allows me to dress warm so I don't freeze my ass off in a skirt and heels is fantastic.

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