Candy Dish: Luck of the Irish

The Irish have the sexiest accents

When photoshopping goes too far

Jesse James doesn’t really know how to stop talking

Blake and Ryan sitting in a tree…

Would you watch the movie version of SNL’s ‘Motherlover’?

Why family approval still matters

Would you wear a long maxi dress?

Who can resist a bow tie?

Holiday fashion inspired by celebs



    1. Malaikat says:

      Ah Ha! great to see another. Am eeprmssid by the variety of wallpaper, is it really old, I hope so, (not being rude) I just like the faded and the slightly worn appearance of things rather than clean straight lines, allotments, sheds, rusty corrugated tin, the smell of an allotment. oops I’m drifting into something else. But great paintings these MORE!

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