The 10 Most Overexposed Celebrities of 2011

They’re on your television. They’re on your homepage. They’re played on the radio every hour on the hour. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. They’re over-exposed celebrities!

In the past year, certain celebrities have been hard to get away from unless you live under a rock or in Amish country (even then, I don’t know if you can avoid them.) From a guy who created a horrible catchphrase and named a drug after himself to a wedding that many of us woke up in the middle of night to watch (guilty) to a televised court case that shocked us all: all of these celebs have been way too overexposed in 2011. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 celebrities that were constantly in the news and in the gossip magazines and who I would rather not hear so much about in 2012.

  • Katie GarrityCOLLEGECANDY Writer
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