8 Signs You’re The Couple That Everyone Hates

Relationships are great when you’re in one. That doesn’t mean you need to be in a relationship to be happy. You all know what it’s like, though, to see those couples that you absolutely can’t stand. You love the two of them separately, but when they’re together you can’t deal with them. And those couples don’t even realize how annoying they are, which makes it even worse. You can’t just tell them outright that their nauseating love for each other makes you want to bash your head in the wall, right? Call us jealous or whatever, but there are some couples that just need to reel it in when they’re around other people.

Here are some ways you can tell you’re that couple…

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    1. Jessica Zaleski - University of Florida says:

      Haha my boyfriend owns ONE purple shirts and he manages to wear it ANYTIME I wear a purple shirt. I get so annoyed because I don't want other people to think we matched on purpose.

    2. Lauren says:

      Ugh, I hate the texting each other in the same room. That applies to everyone. Especially bitchy girls who don't think that anyone notices.

    3. Mope A says:

      this post made me laugh but I am guilty of texting my boyfriend while we're apart but NOT in the same room that's just annoying

    4. bluemackenzie says:

      I'm really happy that after 7 months of long distance, 'we' still are this couple. I love it.

      1. kika says:

        and your friends might feel icky about your display of these

    5. usmcwifeormistress says: yea, I'm half of that couple…we match all the time T_T
      I'm a military wife, not saying that gives me an excuse to be annoying, but he's not around often so at lest we aren't annoying 100% of the time…more like 10% since he's gone 90%

      But this was really cute! and I loved it and i HAD to share it❤ hope you don't mind!

      1. Joyce says:

        Oh, I totally understand you; I'm also a military wife…and a military member. Can you tell by the uniform in the pic?

      2. Maura - Rider University says:

        Must be hard to be apart for so long- I'm in a long distance relationship so I can understand (but I probably get to see my boyfriend more often then you get to see your husband.)

        Feel free to be as mushy and annoying as you want, you guys deserve it!

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    7. Maura - Rider University says:

      I fall in the middle of this. Subconciously we match/coordinate a lot, super awkward when we both wore bright yellow shirts to school one day.
      And we do call/text each other a lot when we're apart, but it's definitely toned down since we go to different schools and don't always have the time.

      PDA in public is gross, but you never know what will offend. Some people are so conservative that if you give your partner a kiss they give you a dirty look. Not to mention the awkward time when I was making out with my boyfriend against his car in an almost empty parking lot at the movies past midnight, and woman and her kids happen to be parked right next to us. Why are you out with your 5 year olds at midnight anyway?!

      Hahah well aside from my rambling, I really like the Khloe and Lamar shot. I just don't know about them, if they will make it for the long haul.

      1. says:

        I don't consider kissing PDA when you're walking in and meeting your BF/GF. I consider sitting on your BF's lap and letting him finger you over your jeans while you're out with friends PDA

      2. Maura - Rider University says:

        I have never seen anyone get that dirty in public! Haha that would be a sight.

        I like to hold hands and give the occasional kiss on the lips when were say walking around the mall or the park, and I've noticed that if parents and their kids are around, they can be iffy about it. But it's not like a long sloppy kiss and theres no tongue! Gosh, people need to be more romantic. I never see parents hold hands or act affectionate towards each other, and I think it's adorable when I see an old couple be all lovey dovey.

      3. Joyce says:

        Whenever I give a ride to my hubby, or he does the same; the only "pda" involved is one kiss on the cheek. Oh come on, it is extremely unprofessional to smooch (in uniform) in the middle of the day! Is not like I just came from the Bush, well, she's coming tomorrow.

    8. Joyce says:

      5. Well, we do have code words for naughty things (e.g. sex= playing playstation, oral sex= eating gelatto, since it matches like "felatto" which is oral sex in Italian).
      6. Well, we do have nicknames for each other, but nothing overly cheesy: he calls me cavewoman, and I call him teddy bear.
      7. No!
      8. We always talk about each other in plural, but that's about it; we still hang out with our old friends and do certain things separately. He loves playing Assasin's Creed, while he can't talk to me when I'm watching anime or reading a manga.

      By the way, we are married; been living together since September of last year, and tied the knot b4 thanksgiving.

    9. Joyce says:

      1. Because of the military, number one is a must whenever one of us is away and have some free time.
      2. If I wear a band t-shirt, he'll do the same too; but at least we will never be wearing a shirt of the same band since we don't like the same bands (I'm a classic rock/old heavy metal/southern rock person, while he's more nu metal/electronic person).
      3. Only when we are in a concert, club or bar, and really drunk.
      4. Usually when we are at the hospital.

      1. Joyce says:

        …and of course, every morning we wear the same clothes. US navy uniforms that is! But he's a 2nd class and I'm 3rd. But the same last name and all.

        I guess military couples (whether is mil/civ or mil/mil) are kinda annoying; well, we spend time apart and all..

      2. Rebecca Chico says:

        You shouldn't feel like you have to explain yourself for the way you are with the man you love! Don't apologize for it! The author is just jealous.

    10. SarahLee says:

      …Someone seems a little bitter. Come here, let's bring it in for a hug!!

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    12. Kay says:

      My boyfriend and I do ALL of these! =) I'm surprised our friends don't hate us.

      1. NIMBYSEP says:


      2. Reply Girl says:

        I agree

      3. Reply Girl says:

        LOL Kay you are funny

      4. candy says:

        i agree, too

    13. Sex Bullshit says: more couple advice…

    14. Laura says:

      Haha, i think my bf and I do a few of those things. A lot of them just mean you're compatible and happy. Don't rain on our parade!

    15. Anonymous says:

      Ha, sounds like Marshall and Lily

    16. Paul says:

      I would add "You can' t stop sending public posts on facebook about how you love each others." It does get on my nerves after a while. That is especially true for over-two-years-old teenage couples.

    17. Ann says:

      I guess I should never be seen with my boyfriend and scream at him all the time instead?

      1. Rebecca Chico says:

        I know, right? The truth is, people who are this bothered by those couples are jealous. My husband and I do 2 of these 8 things, but we know a few couples who do all 8. Doesn't bother us one bit.

      2. Jay Carpena says:

        Or have never experienced it before. Or are lonely. Or both.

      3. bing says:

        lol. that's funny.
        how can couples with good manners enough not to scream in front of others be jealous of you people?
        there's a proper time and place to be showing your animosity towards each other. you don't have to do that in public or with your friends watching.

    18. 1. wow. him and I are having a long-distance relationship, and I personally thinks that we have to inform each other about ourselves and ask about each other’s day.. but that won’t be much, cause I can hardly ever communicate with him..

      2. loool, I thought it was cute if a couple wear matching clothes, but we never (and I don’t think we’d ever) wear a matching clothes xD but we do have some matching stuffs, subconsciously!

      3. luckily he initiatives to get into place where no one else’s around xD

      6. the nickname I got for him ain’t cute, though. because his hair curly and cannot be done with comb anymore (no offense for other curly people, I just like to teasing him) I call him ‘red bird’s nest’. cute, huh? don’t think so xD

    19. Rebecca Chico says:

      I definitely agree with Ann and Sarah Lee. The author of this article needs a hug. Are we supposed to hold back our happiness just to make YOU feel better? 50 bucks says the author will be doing ALL eight of these things as soon as she finds a man who's worth a damn.

      1. Jay Carpena says:

        You are so right!:)

      2. king says:

        you must be a person people love to avoid then. and to Jay Carpena, you must be hated for your parroting

      3. Guest says:

        No, but you can act less like dipshits.

    20. Kelsey James says:

      I find it hilarious that it’s assumed she’s (the author) jealous! Sometimes couples are extremely nauseating to be around. Who wouldn’t want to slap a friend if his/her facebook posts are nothing but about their love or relationship problems on Facebook? Can it not be done in private? Why is it acceptable to rant about how great your boyfriend is but its frowned upon if you ranted about—-like getting a job promotion or publishing your first book? Somehow, people say that’s bragging. Oxymoron….because technically saying how wonderful your boyfriend is ALSO bragging! Moderation, folks. We love that you’re happy but please don’t make your relationship the center of every conversation because when all is said and done then he/she does something wrong who is stuck hearing it? We are.

    21. Jay Carpena says:

      Is the author serious?? I am like this with the guy I'm with now! Totally insane for each other and our friends are staring with big smiles and can't stop telling us how cute we are. And I'm 28, acting like a kid with him. So, if there's something awesome going on in your life and relationships, why put a stop to it? Unless you have no idea what that kind of happiness feels like:) If they are your true friends, they can only be happy for you both. Don't you just love looking at those couples that can't stop smiling at each other? If you're hating, I feel sorry for you.

    22. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

      As flattered as I am that you all are so willing to give me a hug due to my "apparent jealousy," I feel like that would cross the boundaries of the author/reader relationship. This boils down to the fact that there's a time and a place for everything. When you're a couple, it's better for everyone to not act like this around your friends or the general public.

      1. Anonymous says:

        You must be very lonely..this is one of the worst articles I've read.

    23. Leila says:

      Haha, I hate the dressing alike bit. Same colors are ok, but same everything….no thanks.
      My husband and I only text each other in the same room (when other people are around) if he's trying to tell me he wants to get out of there and have spontaneous sex somewhere else. I love that man

    24. Melvin says:

      For those of you trying to attack the author she is more than right. No one is asking you to put aside your happiness for others but some stuff is overboard. It is disgusting to see. I am engaged and I love her to death we have normal people problems and normal people love. We text in the same room like the one person said if we want to leave where we are, so it isn't awkward when one decides they want to leave and the other don't or so the reason for leaving is the same. Even for new love its annoying to see people make out when one is going to the bathroom just for us to be blessed with the same scene when they return. As far as wearing the same cloths its annoying to see. Inside jokes are not funny if not shared because it kinda makes the people your around feel like the jokes on them. If you have grossly cute nicknames we don't want to hear them every 30 seconds. And the ones who are WE just because your together you still need that distance to be who YOU were before them. And if you dont have friends like this then 9 times out of 10 your that couple. Just because we as good friends don't complain don't mean were not sick to our stomach.

    25. While most of these things (save perhaps the PDA; if I wanna go all the way to the edge of legal in public with my man, ain't nobody's business if I do lol) are things I'll check a guy I'm with on cuz just… not sexy; I really don't give a fuck what OTHER couple's do with each other and I really ain't got no time for no one whose that fuckin invested in shit that ain't got a damn thing to do with them neither.

    26. Sam Jones says:

      About "You wear matching clothes" – You'd be mad at the Chinese then. It's a phenomenon for Chinese significant others to wear "companion shirts."

      1. deb says:

        and in south korea (and japan, i believe)

    27. Jessie says:

      ahh inside jokes

    28. Mae says:

      All of these things the author pointed out as annoying are completely reasonable. I am in a very happy and solid relationship and all of my friends know it…but not because we make out in front of them, wear matching shirts and communicate with inside jokes! It's because when I'm hanging out with the girls (by myself) and they ask how we are doing, I tell them we are doing great with a genuine smile on my face. There really is no reason for that other nonsense. Personally, everything she pointed out irks me to no end. I might even go as far as saying that some couples who do these things may be overcompensating for something crucial that is missing from their relationship. That's just my opinion.

    29. candy says:

      1. couples who fight/argue in front of me all the time

      2. couples who are always late for dinners, meet-ups etc.

      3. couples where one is domineering and the other tells us friends "oh, my partner(wife/husband) doesn't like doing this, we shouldn't do this. if you're your partner's slave, don't assume that we will succumb to your partner's will.

      4. couples who just made up after the guy got caught cheating by the wife's friends and they come out like it's them against the world. then the guy cheats on the wife again. this time, no one wants to hear the wife's sad stories and no one wants to help at all.

    30. sing says:

      -couples who tag along their noisy toddlers
      -couples where the husband is annoying, brags about everything to the point that all their friends' husbands detest being with them
      -couples who shout at their children in front of friends. it's already too much that your kid is crying, why do we have to hear you scream at your daughter?
      -couples who obviously detest each other- woman gossips about how annoying her husband is and the husband tells friends about how much his wife gossips. keep it all to yourselves.

    31. Chey says:

      I'm glad that after all this time my husband and I are still a "we" couple that loves to be affectionate.

    32. P&D says:

      None of the "eight" apply to us. But we have a great love story and experienced nearly the full gamut of human emotion in 43 years together. We were young (19+21). Similar backgrounds but two completely polar opposites that dovetailed like folded hands. There was goodness and self-sacrifice evident in our hearts, The partnership was discussed and we made plans for our life together long before the vows. Our extended family (children and grandchildren) is 13 and still counting. We put our relationship first, children second, job third unless urgent. Materialism is not on our radar. Church? See "relationship first". That is Church done right.

      1. Guest says:

        Nobody asked or cares for your story.

    33. 484Hellogoodbye says:

      Holy.. This author is HATING on couples. Ouf.. single life eh?

      1. Sarah says:

        I'm in a serious relationship and we don't do any of this bullshit. The author is honestly telling how 95% of society feels. couples like this are so gross

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