The 50 Best Actors Who Aren’t in New Years Eve

Around the holidays it seems that Hollywood believes America has no taste since we’re all practically comatose from eating and drinking too much.  Producers spew out star-studded movies like New Year’s Eve hoping that you’ll see it based on the one actor you like in it (example: I have a soft spot for Zac Efron). And, yeah, they’re right, but I also want to support the actors who aren’t in the movie. You know, the ones who made a conscious decision to avoid a dumbed-down, cliche holiday script designed to tug on our heartstrings with trite themes and an obvious plot.

As a high-five to those who have a little respect for their craft and abstain from crappy money-makers, here’s my list of 50 actors who are (thankfully!) not in New Year’s Eve.



    1. Lisa says:

      Still can't believe this movie is actually happening. Really Hollywood? REALLY?

    2. Katie Garrity - North Central College says:

      You cannot forget Rachel McAdams! Love her!

    3. LP says:

      …..i'm actually excited to see new years eve

    4. Nicole says:

      What is wrong with you people?! Who cares if its super corny and movies like Love Actually, New York I love You, Valentines Day and Paris Je T'aime already exists. We watch crappy sequels because we cannot resist! Besides, Tiffany, you sound jelly with this super random list. No fear, Seth Myers WILL save us

      1. oceanwavesarb says:

        But see, Love Actually was actually *good*. New Years Eve is a collection of a ton of popular but mediocre actors rehashing every cliche'd New Years plotline we've seen on TV a hundred times. Plus, Lea Michele is massively annoying, as always.

    5. McKenzie says:

      I don't care how you feel about Linsay Lohan or how fucked up she might be now (or her life may be) but she wouldn't make the movie worse. She is an amazing actor no matter what. Mean Girls is my favorite move and will always be my favorite movie..she acted her ass off in that movie.

      1. Maura - Rider University says:

        I have to disagree, she really isn't a great actress. It's not hard to act like a teenage girl in a movie when you are a teenage girl in real life.

    6. wonderfox says:

      This movie seems to be a collection of dozens of actors for new year's celebration. It is still a little bit hard to add 50 more actors, I believe!

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    8. Maura - Rider University says:

      Still not over Ryan Gosling not being sexiest man alive…it's a tragedy…

    9. LizzyM says:

      Really no Selena Gomez?!?!

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    11. Muhammad says:

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