The 50 Best Actors Who Aren’t in New Years Eve

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Around the holidays it seems that Hollywood believes America has no taste since we’re all practically comatose from eating and drinking too much.  Producers spew out star-studded movies like New Year’s Eve hoping that you’ll see it based on the one actor you like in it (example: I have a soft spot for Zac Efron). And, yeah, they’re right, but I also want to support the actors who aren’t in the movie. You know, the ones who made a conscious decision to avoid a dumbed-down, cliche holiday script designed to tug on our heartstrings with trite themes and an obvious plot.

As a high-five to those who have a little respect for their craft and abstain from crappy money-makers, here’s my list of 50 actors who are (thankfully!) not in New Year’s Eve.

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