The Do’s and Don’ts of Sexting

What do Blake Lively, Tiger Woods, Anthony Weiner and Ashton Kutcher all have in common? They’ve been caught in a sexting scandal. Fort those of you who have been living under a rock, sexting is the act of sending risque text messages in order to sexually arouse the receiver. This could be via sexy dialogue or nakey pictures. As my last relationship was long distance, we came to enjoy a dirty text every once in a while since we couldn’t always bone when we wanted to. Whatever you chose to sext there are some simple rules one should follow so their name doesn’t end up on the front of some lame tabloid.

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    1. Maura - Rider University says:

      Honestly I don't think sexting is a good idea. You can't trust that a guy wouldn't show what you said to other people or show your picture. I'd rather be with someone in person anyway!

    2. Molly - UNL says:

      I agree. Sexting can be very risky, but for my case, my boyfriend lived in Oklahoma and I lived in Nebraska so every once in a while a sext was pretty fun to recieve. We also were dating for a while before, and even after we broke up I know he wouldn't show anyone anything I sent him. With the guy I'm seeing now, he lives less than 10 minutes away so if I'm in the mood we usually just get it done in person, haha.

      1. Keely says:

        There are millions (this is not an exaggeration!) of girls naked online now because they thought they believe the guy they were dating wouldn't spread any pictures of them…it might be fun for a second but when your nude pics are the first result on google and you have to tell the guy you want to marry that thousands of people have already seen your body then it might not seem so fun.

      2. Molly - UNL says:

        Well, at the time the guy I was sexting was the guy I wanted to marry and we'd planned on getting married after I finished school, and even now after we've broken up I know 150% that he would never put anything I sent him online. That AND I never said I sent pictures in my article. Sexting isn't just about naked pictures and it's a great way to connect to someone if you live 450 miles apart. I mean, I think – as I stated previously and in the article if you want to send naked pictures that's your prerogative and you're taking that risk and there are things you can do like censoring your face or whatever if you're worried about it. While it may suck if the guy you thought you could trust put that stuff online you're taking that risk and we're all adults and that could be a consequence. Hypothetically, if pictures of me ended up online I'd be mad but it's my own fault so I wouldn't want to be pitied, I would know that was a possible consequence. Just like having sex could lead to pregnancy or an STD, we're always taking risks when it comes to our sex lives.

      3. snarkywheniwant says:

        i say…think if either of you would ever imagine a job in the public sector. best bet is not to do it at all. distance sucks but i bet the embarrassment one pic leak might cause is even worse. not the end of the world but it's a whole lot of explaining. ha

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    4. Keely says:

      has anyone heard of isanyoneup? think of that site before you sext ladies…even if you trust him now that might change in the future

      1. Lisa says:

        This is actually one of the most horrible sites in the world. I just learned about it recently and I'm so disgusted with the site as well as the guy who created it.

      2. hayley says:

        i agree. i'd be devastated if i ended up on that site. that being said i will never take naked pictures so i have nothing to worry about, haha. some of the girls on the site send their pictures in THEMSELVES, though. anything to be somewhat famous, i guess….

      3. Katie Garrity - North Central College says:

        THAT'S A REAL SITE? How ridiculously horrible. This is a great reminders to women to THINK before hitting that send button. You guys may be peachy and hot and heavy now, but oh my god, who knows what could happen in the future. BLEH. This is horrible.

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