10 Most Important Things We Weren’t Taught in High School

How many times in high school while some boring teacher rambled on and on about something pointless did you stop and think to yourself, “I AM NEVER GOING TO USE THIS IN REAL LIFE!”? Because I know I did.

Things we learned in high school that we never use (unless you’re a mathematician or history museum tour guide):

1. What numbers are prime and what numbers are not prime

2. The many uses of symbolism are found in The Great Gatsby

3. What year Lewis and Clark started their expedition in America

4. The atomic symbol for potassium

5. How to solve a quadratic equation

I swear that I used to know all the answers to these less-than-exciting topics, but over the years, that knowledge went out the window. Sometimes I wish that we had been taught more useful things like how to survive your first year of college or how to change a tire (still don’t know how to do this). Luckily, we here at CollegeCandy have found a list of The 10 Most Important Things They Didn’t Teach Us In High School.  Enjoy!

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    1. Maura - Rider University says:

      I wish there was a class on how to get a rich husband so I don't have to use the stupid math I learned in high school.

    2. May says:

      Things we learn in college that we never use (unless you're incredibly snobby or like to sound educated and important)
      – the Humanities

    3. Ioana Radu says:

      Indeed, very few of what we learn in college can be used in real life. I guess experience is what teaches us the most

    4. ITV player says:

      Funny article. Real life experiences are important but I think some of us learn them from parents.

    5. editor says:

      As a writer who doesn't put a lot of symbolism into my writing(symbolism isn't really CC's style), I always find that commenters are reading really deeply into my words. Just goes to show that your English teachers were making up a lot of meaning in text that sometimes was just text.

    6. Tori says:

      The quadratic equation IS important in Maths, Engineering, Science. The study of maths helps your brain think in other ways that you wouldn't think was important. Like music for instance and problem-solving and day-to-day logic.

    7. Point 5 "How to solve a quadratic equation"… I find it the most stupid thing to learn, not to talk about the other ones… There are a lot!!!

    8. radiateur says:

      I have not too long ago delivered this internet blog to my bookmarks. I truly revel in studying your posts. I would like to thank you for making such a nice website….

    9. tinytheresa says:


    10. Math says:

      Many in things in math are needed not in life, but in further learning math.
      For example, we don't need quadratic equation in everyday life, but we need it, for example, for finding minimum and maximum values of the function, and this can be applied in statistics, which is already used in everyday life.

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