Ew! Celebs That Look Like They Stink According to Twitter

Twitter has played it’s part in solving some of the biggest mysteries on the web. Things like: #newholidaysongs, what #2011musictaughtme,#whatdogirlscarryintheirbags and #ladieswewantanswers to some of the most pressing issues on male minds.

Well today, the Twitterverse has spoken again!

The hot debate this time? #CelebsThatLookLikeTheyStink. Yuck.

And once again…we are giving you all the answers you need to know about the stinkiest lookin’ celebs straight from the mouths that tweet ’em!



    1. Maura - Rider University says:

      I think Kesha wins this battle…

    2. lola says:

      that was funny. especially 27.

    3. guest says:

      How is Kid Rock not on that list?

    4. roxanne says:


    5. Guesty says:

      Slash. Ugh. *hurl*

    6. Michele says:

      I have always thought Lil Wayne looks like he smells like pee!

    7. Jillian says:

      In fact, Lil Wayne even says, "Kush so strong you can smell me coming."

    8. Melaina says:

      I agree with all of these except Lady Gaga.

    9. fffff says:

      Well I don't know if she did before, but NOW Whitney's going to stink…

    10. wonderfox says:

      Kesha is always the winner with much more new creation. Hahah…

    11. Tiffany says:

      I always thought lil wayne stinks

    12. yioki says:

      how the fuck drake look like he stink…… kill yoself

    13. Al Sharpton says:

      I think this list is racist… look at all tha brothers on the list… you think a nigga stink cause he black… you racist… everybody racist…. put a brotha down… if yo see tha police WB-Warn a brotha… Just because I like my watermelon cold and my chicken fried don't mean I stank… you racist motherfuckers….

      1. cherylbirch says:

        That's exactly the first thing I thought was how incredibly racist this is. How come over half the people on this list are black??? This is terrible. Racists.

      2. jkels says:

        Did you actually count the number of black people on the list? Ten. Number of white people total? Thirty-one. White people also like cold watermelon and fried chicken, food preference has nothing to do with it. Not trying to be rude but you're perpetuating racism by assuming that this is racist just because there's black people named in it. Wouldn't that actually make it a fair list? Is it also prejudiced against anthropomorphic animals because the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are listed? and c'mon…..seriously….can you honestly say that Rick Ross looks like he smells good? This is a guy that looks like he stores a turkey leg or two under his man boobs. He would look just as gross if he were white. If it's any consolation, I can confirm that the cast of Jackass smells like hot trash.

      3. mallory says:

        racist? out of 28 pictures, 11 of them were black people, which is less than half. the rest were all white people.

    14. Storm says:

      Shitney Spears….'nuff said

    15. gina says:

      How is Britney Spears not on this list?

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