How Did Adele Really Slim Down?

When you read the headline “Adele Shows Off Weight Loss After Throat Surgery,” do you do a double-take? Because, really, what do throat surgery and major weight loss have in common? As far as I can tell, not much. However, after looking through photos of Adele’s post-surgery self, it’s clear to see there’s…uh…less of her. Personally, I’m left wondering what kind of surgery she really had.

Before everyone goes off on me, I want to say two things. First, I love Adele. Truly, wholly, undeniably. She is wonderful. Second, I’m not placing judgment on her weight. Regardless of if she’s 20 lbs heavier or lighter, she is still a wildly talented individual with fierce hair. What I do want to talk about is why people are making it seem like this throat surgery (“throat surgery”) would have anything to do with her somewhat-significant weight loss.

Am I the only one left thinking some serious shenanigans are afoot? Like gastric bypass? Or some crazy dieting? Sound off in the comments below and help me wrap my head around this phenomenon.



    1. Anon says:

      She probably can't eat solids if she had throat surgery.

    2. SLW says:

      I had a tonsillectomy earlier this year and shed 10-15 pounds I didn't have to lose! Perhaps her surgery gave her similar pains rendering her unable to eat? I couldn't get anything down for 10 days.

    3. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

      Since she had throat surgery, I'm wondering if she just couldn't eat a lot of solid foods?

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    5. silentP says:

      This isn't rocket science, when having surgery (any kind of surgery) you are hooked up to an IV and don't really consume solid foods for a while. This results in an instant weight loss. Since Adele is having throat surgery she was most likely unable to consume solid food for quite some time and therefore lost more weight than usual. Calm down and don't expect zebras when you hear hoof prints.

    6. Beleria says:

      If she had throat surgery she obviously couldn't eat anything

    7. Emme says:

      Yeah, this is a really stupid post. How is she supposed to eat when she wasn't even allowed to talk while recovering. Come on, guys.

    8. Miriam says:

      I was going to leave a comment but then realized that everything I wanted to say has already been said.

      Seriously though. I know this is a "fluffy" blog, but a bit of critical thinking never hurt anyone.

    9. Maura - Rider University says:

      I'll second everyone by saying it's probably the lack of solid foods. I hope she can recover asap so we can get some new music, because her stuff on the radio is getting way overplayed.

    10. Cailin says:

      I lost weight after having back surgery….it probably has everything to do with her surgery.

    11. Sarah says:

      If you had your throat sliced open and then sewed back together you probably wouldn't be able to maintain normal eating habits. I know several people have already said this, but seriously! Considering that this blog is targeted towards university students you'd think it might be just a tad more intelligent-sounding.

    12. C says:

      So rude and unintelligent. Let’s see, if you have your throat sliced open you can’t eat solid food. Shut up you talentless idiot.

    13. Shauna says:

      Seriously? She had surgery on her throat, which is pretty vital when it comes to eating. It's hardly rocket science.

    14. bjmhm says:

      maybe she had under-active thyroid. that means you gain weight really easily. if she got it fixed, she would be losing weight really fast.

    15. Sarah says:

      Seriously, does it take a rocket scientist to deduce that throat surgery would impair your ability to et solid foods for quite some time? And everyone knows that not eating a lot of food will contribute to weight loss. It's pretty easy to put 2 and 2 together to see how/why she lost so much weight during/after surgery.

      I think it's ridiculous that every single commentor has noted this immediately and the person who was repsonsbile for writing this post completley missed the plot. Is ogical thinking a requirement for the writers of this blog or is that jsut my wishful thinking?

    16. Adele sux says:

      because she could still drink liquids that had NUTRITIONAL VALUE in them. This chic had gastric by pass and will LIE about it like the others do, such as Jennifer Hudson (weight watchers my eye) Adele had surgery to lose weight, period. Get over people. She is a talentless screeching like a dying dog, American hating poof of bitchiness.

    17. Mr Amos says:

      THERE WAS NO THROAT SURGERY IDIOTS! She had GASTRIC BY PASS because she just couldnt stop stuffing her face.

    18. Bob Hunter says:

      This week I met Adele walking alone In a park in Sydney Australia not far from Opera house . She looks fabulous , much slimmed down . She is truly a stunning tall beauty With her red hair and white complexion which was slightly sunburnt from the summer sun .. She is here on holiday relaxing and recuperating . She spoke in a low voice obviously protecting her throat after her operation . Make no doubt Adele is a stunning breathtaking British beauty .

    19. Beatrice says:

      She is beautiful no matter what size she is. If she lost weight is because of her throat surgery. Is like when u get braces. Regardless being healthy is not crime.

    20. J.DOE says:

      Grammy night (Granny night, lot of old timers) over, She kicked ass with her F.U. SONG, maybe directed at some of you!

    21. sheidy njiiri says:

      throat surgery or gastric ..weight loss or gain, she’s done something none of us has, all that matters .. period!! plus I don understand y these celebrities are obsessed with weight issues .. they do great stuff, but that part I just don get

    22. Cate says:

      Clearly, you have never had major surgery. The woman couldn’t speak for two months, do you really think she felt up to eating during that time? Judgmental little brat.

    23. Meg says:

      It astounds me how mean and vicious responses are on here.
      The question ( which may have sounded ignorant to some) was asked in a respectful manner, and deserves a respectful response.

    24. colleen says:

      all i know is if it was the throat surgery i want to have the save procedure done. =) lol

    25. slim weight patch review says:

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    26. Steve says:

      Uhhhh…..where do you think food goes when you swallow.



    27. Lexys says:

      The surgery that she had would cause them to cut into her vocal cords meaning that food would pass through them on the way down, I'm sure that she probably hurt too much to think about eating. I had also thought about a different surgery being done but after researching the surgery that she had it all makes since now.

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