8 Places You Never Want to See People Check in on Foursquare

First, we were given MySpace. It was creepy, but so colorful! Then, the Heavens parted and Facebook shone down and smiled at the world. Before long we were uploading photos and updating our statuses and sharing personal information that no one really needed to know. But our technologically hungry world wasn’t satisfied with just Facebook. So on the seventh day, thou hath created Twitter and a forum-like atmosphere enabled us to tweet about similar topics and make special mentions to our friends and followers.

However, it still wasn’t enough for us to tweet and update the world, so we had to create an eighth day when Foursquare was designed to keep our friends abreast of where we are as soon as we get there.

Here’s the problem with Foursquare, aside from it being downright annoying and taking up too much space on my mini-feed, there are places that you don’t ever want to see someone check in.

Think I’m kidding?

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    1. Maura - Rider University says:

      I've never used foursquare, and I think this will keep me from trying it!

    2. […] 8 Places You Never Want to See People Check in on Foursquare […]

    3. A Foursquare User says:

      I agree that Foursquare is definitely becoming big right now. Your post is true to a point, but the most of the examples you gave seem unrealistic. I can see someone being dumb enough to post where they're drinking, but if you're sneaking around behind your bf/gf's back or lied to your friend about where you are, then most people would have the common sense not to admit their location. For other places, a restaurant, the doctor's, the mall, a library, or places on campus, it's not necessarily a bad thing to let people know where you are– you can meet up with friends that way, get discounts, and keep track of places you frequent the most. I like to think that most people have some sense when it comes to posting their location.

    4. Jason says:

      I'd like to see some people check in at these places:

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