Study Resolutions: How You Can Get Better Grades This Semester

A new year, a new semester, a new slate. Sounds pretty great, right? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t seize the day and prepare to have the best semester of your college life! Plus, you know what they say — it’s easier to start off on the right foot than it is to change course later on. In the spirit of good habits and even better grades, we’ve pulled together a list of the academic resolutions we should all be making this January. It really is all about adapting a few small, simple changes to your lifestyle…talk about an easy-A!



    1. Amelia K. says:

      I just learned this year to do #7 last semester- going to my Chem professor's office hours is the only reason I managed to pass his class. Do it!

    2. bberg1010 says:

      Also look for small classes. I was in a lot of smaller classes focused on discussions last semester and I really got to know the professor and the entire class.

      1. Brenda says:

        I totally agree bberg1010, small classes are a lot more enjoyable and are more likely to motivate you!

      2. Esther says:

        yes, small classes are the best! they're more interactive, which makes it more interesting, and it's easier to stay attentive and off your phone when there's a higher chance of your professor seeing and catching you ;]

      3. rachael says:

        i took all small classes last semester and this semester i'm taking bigger classes and i can really see the difference! (also in my grades…) i guess i'm not the type of person that does well on just 2 midterms and a final and no assignments😛

    3. Garnet – Columbia University says:

      Yes, #6! Having a friend in class makes a huge difference.

    4. Your Information is so Informative.

    5. Kyra says:

      Going to office hours is so important…and I'm really going to try to do that more often.

    6. LKLK says:

      Love this. These are amazing tips, people- follow em!!!

    7. Lauren says:

      Where is the credit for these photos? I wrote the original article that the eighth picture came from for my university, and I'm pretty sure my photographer's name isn't anywhere! Just a suggestion; credit your images:)

      1. News Editor says:

        Editor, this is seriously unprofessional. I'm an editor at my high school's newspaper (NSPA First-Class) and it's actually illegal. That photo belongs to that photographer; you may not use it without permission. You can take photos from sources like a federal website without permission because they are in the public domain (you still must credit them). If we have a photographer of ours take the picture, we say Photo Credit: Name Lastname, if we have someone lend us a photo (like we got a family photo of two twins for an article about a world record we set), then we say Photo Courtesy of…
        This is a major website, and it seems fairly cohesive– there is no reason why you shouldn't have figured this out. I can't even believe that you literally pluck images off the internet, and then that you have the audacity to suggest in your tone that you're not doing anything wrong! Google Images does not give you license to steal other photographers' photos.

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    9. Sima says:

      A few more tips:

      1) Write down everything that comes to mind. This doesn't necessarily have to be strictly for school. Even if it is an errand or a favor for someone, writing it down is better than looking at it on a cell phone screen.
      2) Disable Facebook the month of finals. If you want to limit your time instead of disabling it altogether, install ChromeNanny.
      3) Don't do anything else when doing your homework. Don't listen to music, don't watch TV, and turn your phone off.
      4) Rewrite notes as often and as much as you can.

      The tips I listed above and a couple of the ones from your list helped me ace my first semester of college with 18 credit hours.

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